How to choose a good drill press

A drill press makes drilling holes at specific angles and depths easy. It may also help in smoothening, enlarging and sanding hole surfaces to precise requirements. From the list of the 12 best drill presses available, it is possible to choose the right drill press for your individual needs. Drill presses may also be applicable in counterboring, polishing materials, and countersinking holes.

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There are two main types of drill presses:

1.    Benchtop drill press

This one has the following variations;

  • magnetic drill
  • Hand drill
  • Mini drill 
  • Radial drill 

2.    Floor drill press

This one is suitable for larger projects on heavy materials.

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Tips on how to choose a good drill press

Though the different drill presses serve similar purposes, they differ. As such, selecting the best drill press may be challenging.

Below are some tips and considerations to make when choosing a drill press:

1.    Model

To choose the best model, compare its portability, compactness, and its drilling precision and capacity. Those who wish to drill at angles or use the drill press for other complex projects should consider the complex drilling capabilities of the drill press. The drilling speeds, stroke distance, and output power also differs from one model to another. Some of the best models to choose from are the Jet Benchtop drill, Wen drill press, and skil 3.2 Amp drill press. Through research and reviews, it is easy to find a model that best suits your needs after you study the products and determine what will work best for your upcoming projects.

2.    Accessories

Though sometimes you may not find all the accessories in one model of a drill press, it is advisable to choose a model compatible with the various accessories to make work easier. Some of the drill accessories compatibility to test for are the drill fence, mortising attachments, and sanding drums. The chuck type also matters. Keyless chucks are ideal, but you must select high-quality keyless chucks that may be a bit more expensive. That way, you have a better grip and high-level tightness that is essential for drilling holes.

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3.    Price

It is advisable to buy a high-quality drill press for durability and ease of work. Several factors influence the price of a drill press. Some of the factors that influence the price of a drill press are:

·         Laser guide

·         horsepower

·         Table size

·         Stroke and swing distance

·         Metal or plastic parts

·         Depth stops

·         Chuck capacity

·         Speed range.

Floor drill presses will cost more because of their powerful motors and large size, but for general use at home, one may opt for affordable and high-quality benchtop drill presses.

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4.    Care and maintenance

Some models require expert services and that may cost you more. Other models may not have spare parts or may not be compatible with the drill press upgrades making it hard to service the machine or do repairs.

Choosing a drill press is easy if you consider the above tips. Checking the sturdy composition, reinforcement on the table and its base, and depth adjustments capability will ensure that you get the right drill press. Remember to review the drill press model reputation too. Additionally, a conducive workspace makes drilling holes and doing other drill press tasks easy.


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