How To Choose A Professional Pool Cleaning Service

A professional pool cleaning service can ensure the proper maintenance and upkeep of your pool. With so many service companies available in the market, it can be confusing to choose the right one.

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Given below are some of the important things you should consider when choosing a professional pool cleaning service.

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Don’t Choose Just Because It’s Affordable

Pool cleaning companies which offer very affordable prices aren’t necessarily the best option. These companies are usually start-ups which haven’t been in the industry for a sufficient amount of time. You don’t want inexperienced people cleaning your pool even if they offer attractive discount prices.

It is always better to choose a company which has been around for sometime, as they will have the experience and skills required with modern equipment. Remember; invest in experience even though it is pricey. It pays in the long run.

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Make Sure They Have A Good Range Of Services

A pool company with a good range of swimming pool services is always a good indicator of experience. Every company is different and some companies might not offer the exact service you are looking for. You also want to decide on how often you want your pool to be cleaned.

Many companies offer service contracts for weekly, semi-monthly and monthly cleaning. They also offer one time cleaning which tends to be more expensive. Select a company which offers the service contract of your choice. We highly recommend you to choose a company which offers additional repair services along with cleaning services.

Ask For A Proper Inspection Of Your Pool

Do not hesitate to ask the company for a proper inspection. Very often people think their pool needs only light skimming or scrubbing but in reality there might be a lot of things which need to be fixed.

For example, if your pool gets dirty very easily, your filter system will need to be thoroughly checked and cleaned. If the water quality is bad or it looks and smells bad, your pool might need to get its chemicals balanced. It is always best to let the experts determine the needs of your pool.

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Choose A Company Which Has A Good Reputation

It’s quite possible that you choose a company with a bad reputation unknowingly. This can happen if you don’t do prior research. There are many ways you can check whether a company is well reputed or not. You can look up ratings and reviews on Google, Yelp and other similar websites.

We recommend checking websites other than the official company website. This is because companies never include negative reviews on their own website. Make sure you review the company’s policies along with their terms and conditions.

Check If They Have Proper Qualifications

You don’t want an unqualified person cleaning your pool when you are paying a lot of money. It is always better to choose licensed companies which are registered with the state. You should also check if they have a proper accreditation.

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While these are not absolute requirements, they are definitely a strong indicator of a qualified company. You will always feel safe when you entrust your pool to such companies. Another way to verify the authenticity of a company is to review their profile on the Better Business Bureau.

Professional And Reliable Communication

The company must take the time to communicate with you and listen to your needs. They must also be easy to reach and contact. Nothing is more off putting than a company which does not respond well or is not friendly with its customers. Make sure you choose a company which is punctual and takes the time to listen to you and tells you exactly what your pool needs.


Don’t invest your hard earned money in a pool cleaning service without performing a background check on them. There are many good options out there but you should carefully consider and review your needs before choosing one.


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