How to choose the best sectional sleeper sofa

You are expecting guests over but you are embarrassed about the mild discomfort caused by your limited seatings. Besides, you have always wanted your unexpected overnight guests to feel welcomed but you are not ready to commit to a guest bed. 

These are the best signs for you to start looking for a sectional sleeper sofa. Choosing the best sectional sofa can be quite a challenging task especially if you do not know what to look for. Fortunately, this guide covers the crucial factors you should look at before purchasing a sectional sofa.


When it comes to choosing a sectional sleeper sofa, you need to determine its main purpose. 

If you want to create a cozy lounge, you can get one with a smaller size. However, if you intend to stay accommodative for your guests, I would say you can go ahead with the larger options available in the market. The hidden mattress will be extremely convenient and I find it hard to look for something comparable.

There are several essential factors you have to put into consideration before you make your decision, such as design and material, sizes available, warranty period and additional features that are worth mentioning. 

I strongly recommend you to evaluate each element to your requirements like personal style and budget. It will let you have a realistic expectation and you can narrow down your search accordingly.

Types of Sectional Sleep Sofas

You will discover a few types of sectional sleep sofas, namely L-shaped, U-shaped, curved and others. You need to measure your space to see if the particular style of the sectional sofa will fit right in. 

For instance, a curved sectional sleeper sofa is ideal if you have ample space while L-shaped will easily fit into any living room. A U-shaped might seem real luxurious but you need a spacious corner for its placement. 

Under the “others” section, you will come across something foldable like a futon, or it may appear in the fashion of you can rearrange the ottomans to form the bed. 

Design and Material

In the meantime, you have to set your mind on the desired design and material, as they correspond to the level of support and comfort you will get. If you want the premium outlook, your best bet is leather but you can save a lot more by getting a quality PU leather set. 

Upholstery design is equally famous as it is timeless and elegant. The supportive base is usually formed by heavy metal. However, a wooden frame is not uncommon although it comes with a hefty price tag.

Sizes Available

Moreover, the size of the sectional sleeper sofa is normally a queen-sized while a king-sized sectional sleeper sofa is becoming common these days. The manufacturers have managed to fit different types of mattresses on their sectional sleeper sofas. 

Generally, they will pick the foam mattresses over any other materials like the innerspring mattresses or air coil mattresses since memory foam mattresses have remained one of the most cost-effective, favorable options. 

Additionally, you have to consider the area available for your newest add-on, and if that area is sufficient even when the mattress is fully expanded.

Warranty Period

Often, sectional sleeper sofas are backed with a shorter warranty period as compared to regular sofas. I see that most manufacturers offered 1-year limited warranty because the parts are more prone to wear and tear. 

There are also sofas with lengthy warranty periods in the range of 3 to 5 years. Therefore, be sure to check on the terms and conditions as the limited warranty only provide coverage on certain parts and you will be charged for a certain amount for a replacement. 

Many of them do not come with sleep trials so you would want to find out if it is permissible to return dissatisfied good.

Additional Features

Aside from providing extra seatings and giving you an instant guest bed, some sectional sleeper beds carry additional features. You might be able to find a special compartment underneath some of the sofas, and you can access the space by flipping a section of the sofa. 

It is undeniably great that you can fully utilize the space for a few purposes. Besides that, the split-back design is incorporated to allow good flexibility to configure the sofa to any position you like. Some of the headrests are detachable from the sofa so that you can use it as a normal pillow, too.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, it will worth all the hassle to get yourself a suitable sectional sleeper sofa because it will be one of the most functional pieces you have ever decided to invest in. Just make sure you have followed the instruction to properly retrieve the hidden mattress and neatly keep it after use. I believe with this practical addition, you may remain stylish and accommodative without sacrificing more space and money.


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