How to Choose the Best Window Boxes and Planters

Window flower boxes are trays lining the bottom of flowers or window boxes and planters before potting plants with soil inside.

Coming along as a quick solution for  houses without gardens, window boxes and planters provide any passionate gardener a chance to show off their talent and passion.

For a better overview of how to choose the best window flower boxes, keep reading!

The design of your window flower boxes are very important

Understanding what your house needs is very important, which determines the result of your effort to decorate your house with flowers.

Here is in-depth information on 3 main ways to organize your flower boxes according to the design of windows.

Small separate window flower boxes.

Small boxes of flowers arranged on a classic big window. Source.  

Small separate flower boxes would be a perfect decoration for windows with narrow gaps in between.

Since the flowers would be placed in small planters, a combination between 2 or 3 types of plants is advised to utilize the effect of the flowers.

Remember not to make the design too busy, or else, it would backfire and your house will messy and too vibrant.

Big long window flower boxes

One long big flower box on a classic big balcony. Source.

This specific type of flower displayed is quite famous in American movies, in which a house with a big wide balcony is the main setting.

Big long window flower boxes would make the house warmer as well as more nature-friendly.

It would be very pleasing to the eye, especially when there is a good color combination between the flower boxes wall, the window and the curtains.

Design the boxes as though they are one large window box in which the design continues from one box to another if many huge window flower boxes are not preferred.

Big separate window flower boxes

Big separate flower boxes on several identical windows. Source.

Big separate window flower boxes would match big windows with considerable gaps in between.

The boxes should be arranged separately and identically to each other so as to achieve harmonization.

Make sure the flower box design will go well with the window design.

And a quick note:

Tall plants should be in the back, medium plants in the middle and cascading plants in the front.

Understand well box and planters material for easier choosing

Here is a sum up of 3 most common material for your window flower boxes.


Since wooden flower boxes can be painted and customized to any sizes and shapes, they are applicable for any architectural styles.

In spite of their beauty, they are prone to rot and has a shorter lifespan than boxes of other materials.

Cypress, cedar, redwood, and teak are highly recommended materials for this type of window flower box.

A metal or plastic liner placed inside the box can also prevent rot and water damage.


Metal window flower boxes will not rot and they are not subject to insect damage.

They are also very strong and durable, fitting the design of any modern houses.

However, rusting can be a problem and rust proof and lightweight window boxes made of aluminum or copper can be very expensive.


PVC window boxes and planters are becoming more and more popular for their decent features.

They are paintable and customizable with secure installation and pre-manufactured and custom sizes up to 16 feet long.

With lifetime guarantee of rot-free and insect-resistant, this specific type of window flower box and planter does not warp or crack during winter freezes.

They also provide with self-watering options for easy maintenance in case you are on  vacations.

In a word, PVC window boxes and planters are a comparatively safe choice to go for when shopping for window flower boxes and planters.

In summary

That is our detailed two-step guidance on how to choose the best window box and planter for your beloved house.

Hope that it would be useful on your gardening journey.

Thanks for your reading and we will see you in our next topic.



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