How to Choose the Right Blinds for your Kitchen

Homework, family meetings, entertaining — so much of our daily lives are spent in the warmth of the kitchen. Is it really surprising then that so many of us consider the kitchen to be the nucleus of the home? Much in the way a home’s kitchen provides us with a place to create the food that sustains our bodies, it also provide us with a place to sustain our souls; to appreciate one another’s company in the absence of distractions or share in the act of preparing a meal for the people you love.

A room as important as the kitchen deserves consideration when  choosing its decor or appliances. Like anything else, the blinds and window treatments chosen for your kitchen requires a great deal of consideration to get a clear picture of what kind of design or material will best suit your space.

Consider Light Filtration Blinds & Shades

A dark kitchen is an unwelcoming kitchen. Perhaps worse, a dark kitchen is an unused kitchen. Your kitchen should encourage the use of the sun’s natural light, not put a damper on it. To achieve this, many designers incorporate venetian shades when redecorating a home’s kitchen. Not only are they a timeless window treatment option, but they also allow you to adjust the slats so that you can find the right balance between light and privacy.

Blinds Should be Practical and Hard Wearing

Something that often takes a second seat to style and visual appeal when choosing blinds for the kitchen, are factors like durability and longevity. These window treatments will see a great deal of use and be exposed to sources of heat, humidity, and water. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a fashionable solutions (in fact, quite the opposite is true). When searching for your perfect blind you’ll need to consider options that look great, are waterproof and easy to clean. A good place to start is a quality set of designer roller blinds, shades made using a waterproof fabric, or one that incorporates a patterned fabric to hide the tell-tale signs of humidity.

Select Blinds to Compliment Design and Style of the Kitchen Environment

This may seem like a no-brainer — but when you’re out and about going from store to store you might end up falling in love with a set of humidity-resistant roller blinds only to find they don’t really do much for your space. With that in mind, there are four things you absolutely need to remember when shopping for blinds:

  • Design
  • Color
  • The kitchen’s existing decor
  • How the blinds or window coverings will complement the kitchen and vice versa

Add the Perfect Finishing Touch to Your Décor

Once you’ve nailed down the style, as well as factoring in the importance of durability of your kitchen’s blinds, you can start to consider adding “Wow” factor type finishes.

Take automated window coverings for example; they can perfectly and quietly adjust the levels of natural daylight and privacy with the touch of a button from a smartphone, tablet, or remote control. This feature is in and of itself convenient, but the automation also adds an element of sophistication perhaps not entirely expected in your kitchen.

If  automated blinds aren’t your thing or don’t achieve the aesthetic you’re going for, a quality set of wooden blinds can add a rustic flare and play well off your kitchen’s modern appliances. Printed blinds and shades made using a custom material and pattern can also help you to make a big statement in your home’s most lived in space.

At the end of the day, choosing the right set of blinds for your kitchen may prove to be more difficult than you initially thought; the important thing to remember is that before you do anything you need to have a clear picture of what kind of design, material, and functionality would best compliment your kitchen.


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