How to clean a carpet with a steam cleaner

Hmm, cleaning a carpet is hazardous, and the problem becomes more complicated when you have to do it manually. Am I right? But why are you so anxious if you have a steam cleaner in your house? Don’t be disappointed. Today, I will show you how to clean a carpet with a steam cleaner correctly!

Naturally, a steam cleaner is an automatic one. What you need is to set the command according to your demand. But it does not mean that you will stand still all the time. Some machines need to operate by using your hands just like people operate a wheelchair. However, let’s show you the process of cleaning a carpet in the following.

How To Clean A Carpet with A Steam Cleaner

Many homeowners wonder the way to steam carpeting to scale back dust or remove stains and odors before the vacations bring company and guests to their homes. When you hire a professional carpet steam cleaner to wash your carpets, it’s not challenging to try it yourself. 

Once you have correctly vacuumed and ready your room, you will find the particular cleaning goes fast. Plus, the results are awe-inspiring. If you want to know how to clean a carpet with a steam cleaner at home,you can follow the following steps carefully:

  • Move the Furniture

Move furniture to protect wood pieces and decor from damage. But some furniture is just too heavy to move. You can’t clean the carpet thoroughly if you allow furniture within the room. Suppose you don’t have room to move furniture, place squares of paper, foil, woodblocks, or film under the legs to guard them against the steam cleaner’s moisture.

  • Vacuum the Carpet

Vacuum the whole carpet twice to get rid of hair, dust particles, crumbs, and the other loose dirt. A portable carpet cleaner can dissolve stains and restore the material. It’s unable to remove solid dirt. Run the vacuum slowly enough to select the maximum amount of dust particles as possible.

  • Remove stains before steaming

Carpet stains like lipstick, food, and wine spills can make it look filthy. Pet messes like dog urine, and even poop also leave unsightly dirty spots. You can’t clean these spots with a vacuum and steam cleaner. You can clean stains with a carpet stain remover. After cleaning, allow it to take a seat for a couple of minutes, then you can begin steam cleaning.

  • Prepare the steam cleaner

You can add a dish soap, white vinegar or carpet cleaning solution into the steam cleaner tank. I like better to use only water because steam is enough at getting obviate stains on upholstery. Don’t put anything that’s not recommended within the tank. Fix the tank back onto the steam machine and plug it during the process.

Wait until the water becomes heat up to steaming temperature. The well-liked temperature if you would like to kill dust mites, bedbugs and fleas is 212°F. Some carpet steam cleaning machines have the option of a detergent compartment. If yours doesn’t have one, you can mix it with the water within the tank.

  • Run the steam cleaner on the carpet

Run the steam cleaner on your carpet from one corner to another —clean straight lines with each run. Overlap the last line whenever you begin a replacement one. That’ll make sure you don’t miss any dirty spots.

  • Let the Carpet Dry Completely

Drying your carpet is also essential, like cleaning it. If you leave moisture behind, it will attract mold and mildew even after sanitizing with steam. The best steam cleaner for carpet doesn’t leave tons of water behind. Give your carpet 4 to 12 hours to dry and for all the moisture to flee away. Dry out your carpet before you replace the furniture or walk on the carpet. 

If you have a store vac with both wet and dry capabilities, apply it to respire additional moisture from the mat you are cleaning. Simply allow it onto your mat just as you did while using your vacuum. Put your dehumidifier within the middle of the space and run it on the high setting. Or you can open the windows to permit moisture to flee easily and dry quickly. 

If you have got fans, you can place them on the carpet after steam cleaning. Just wear socks or cover your feet with plastic bags to stop your shoes from soiling the carpet again or getting wet while the ground dries.

How Often Do You Have To Steam Your Carpet?

You need to steam your carpet a minimum once a year. Late Spring may be a blast since the weather is typically warm enough that you can open windows to hurry the drying process. Many companies provide carpet steam cleaner rental. People who can’t afford to buy a steam cleaner, it’s the best carpet cleaner solution for them where you can rent the best carpet cleaner.

If you have got pets or suffer from allergies, you need to steam your carpet every four months. If you are a pet owner and looking for the best carpet cleaner for pets, I suggest you buy a Bissell carpet cleaner. After using, clean the steamer properly and keep it in a safe place.

The Conclusion

Technologies have made many impossibilities possible, and you have already learned how easily you can clean a carpet with a steam cleaner! Isn’t it that easy? Yes, of course, and what you need is to apply the methods systematically. Otherwise, it may seem not easy for you. Don’t take much stress. We guarantee everything will be alright gradually.


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