How to Create a Minimalist Kitchen

Say “minimalist” and most people concentrate on what’s missing. But that’s missing the point: minimalist means making the most of what you choose to have, and that’s certainly true with a minimalist kitchen.As with all great lifestyle design choices, a minimalist kitchen is about the marriage of form and function: not just how it looks, but how it operates. Minimalism is the enemy of clutter, both physical and visual. The fewer things you have in your kitchen — and particularly the fewer things you have out on display — the calmer you’ll feel when using it. Sounds crazy, but it makes sense: every item you see can distract you by making you think about whether it needs clearing away, whether it needs cleaning, and why it’s been so long since you used it.

Reducing the clutter in a kitchen is a two-pronged process. First you have to make a pact with yourself not to buy any more gadgets or cookware that you don’t really need. Consider deciding not to buy anything new for six months and seeing what you really miss. After that, a good rule of thumb is to have second thoughts about buying anything that only performs one function. Alternatively, you could install some karndean flooring to compliment the minimalistic design

The second tactic is to go through your current stuff ruthlessly. Don’t simply look round for stuff to chuck out. Instead move everything out of the kitchen and then examine every item: only return it to the kitchen if you can give yourself a good reason why you really need it. If there’s anything you haven’t used in the past three months, be realistic and accept it’s just wasting space.

Once you’ve cut down the equipment in your kitchen, you gain two added benefits. Firstly, you reclaim workspace, meaning you can make even elaborate meals without having to engage in logic puzzles to move all your equipment around without spilling anything. Secondly, you can take the opportunity to rearrange your equipment so that the things you use most often are more easily at hand while cooking.

If your budget permits, consider completing the minimalist look with redecoration. If possible, try to stick to two or three main colors, particularly ones that contrast with one another. Rather than lino, which can look out of place in a minimalist kitchen, so opt for clean, solid wood flooring from Topps Tiles for a simple look. It’s an easy tactic, but it’s one that creates a more unified feel and creates an impression of calm and control — qualities that can be very useful when your in the midst of culinary wizardry!


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