How to Create a Relaxing Bedroom Space

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. If the current setup of your bedroom leaves a lot to be desired, consider redoing your room so that it’s a relaxing, restful space. After all, good sleep is imperative to your overall well-being – and your bedroom is an important piece of the puzzle. If you want to learn how to transform your bedroom, you’re in luck. Keep reading to learn how to give your sleeping space a makeover with furniture, lighting, and more!

Tip #1: Invest in Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are a must for any bedroom. They can help insulate your room so the temperature stays comfortable inside, despite the hot or cold weather outside. Additionally, blackout curtains ensure that you won’t wake up before you need to. The sun might be up before you’re ready to be up – but blackout curtains can help get you every minute of sleep you deserve up until your alarm clock goes off. Speaking of alarm clocks…

Tip #2: Invest in a Sunrise Alarm Clock

A sunrise alarm clock mimics the sun, which is great for those dark winter mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed. Most sunrise clocks begin to light up with a soft, dim glow thirty or so minutes before your alarm goes off. And by the time your alarm does go off, it will be at full luminosity. This exposure to light in the morning can help you and your brain feel more alert and ready to take on the day. 

Tip #3: Add Fairy Lights

If you’re ready to take your bedroom to the next level, add fairy lights. You can drape them across a curtain, wrap them around a doorway, or even cover an entire wall with them! These small, twinkling lights provide you with a relaxing ambience. 

Tip #4: Invest in a Great Nightstand

A nightstand is great because it provides you with a place to put a glass of water, a lamp, or anything else you might need access to during the night. You can build you own DIY nightstand, find one at a thrift store, or buy new. It’s up to you and your budget!

Stock your nightstand with sleep remedies like CBD soft gels and melatonin supplements. Make sure your nightstand has plenty of storage so you can hide away your phone, books you’re reading, and any other small items.

Tip #5: Choose a Great Mattress

If you wake up feeling sore and stiff, it might be time to replace your mattress. Choose a replacement mattress that gives you adequate levels of support and softness. For many sleepers, a memory foam mattress is a great choice. You can also get a traditional innerspring mattress if you prefer a firmer sleeping surface, or, a hybrid mattress that combines spring and memory foam technology.

Tip #6: Add Greenery

Plants are a great addition to any room – but especially your bedroom. They’re actually clinically proven to reduce stress and offer a natural way to decorate. You can make your plants part of your bedroom décor by investing in hand-painted planters or suspending them from the ceiling with crocheted pot-holders.

Worried about killing all your plant friends? You can use watering globes to give your plants consistent access to water. 

Ferns, freckle-faced plants, pothos, and snake plants all make great indoor plant choices for your bedroom. Succulents are another option, but avoid this type of plant if you have a tendency to overwater.

Tip #7: Add Soft Textiles

If you want to soften the look of your bedroom, consider utilizing soft textiles around the space. For example, a faux fur rug is great for hardwood floors and tapestries make a great wall decoration. Interesting crochet wall-hangings are another unique idea you can use to add visual interest to your bedroom walls.

Takeaways: Perfecting Your Bedroom Aesthetic

Planning out your bedroom should be a fun experience that reflects your personal style. To make the most of your bedroom, start with the basics first like your mattress and nightstand. From there, you can add stylish and soft accessories like a rug, wall hangings, and throw pillows. And don’t forget about lighting – candles or fairy lights can make your sleeping space more inviting and cozier. 

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