How to Create a Stunning Logo in Minutes

The logo is the visual identity of a business. It makes your brand stands apart from the competitors. Consumers form their first impression of a logo within 10 seconds and it just takes 5-7 seconds for consumers to remember a logo.

There are many big brands you will remember because of their logos. For instance, Michael Kors MK, Twitter’s chirpy bluebird, Starbucks Siren and more.

Undoubtedly, nothing is more important than the logo for a company. It is a professional emblem that tells your prospective customers that you are ready to provide the exceptional service or products in a reputable manner.

When it comes to creating a professional looking logo, it is not a hard nut to crack, but only when you know what you are looking for and you have an effective logo maker, such as

How to create a logo- Best Tips & Practices

A logo is a brand ambassador of your company. It captures and represents the ethics of your business with an attractive image. However, you don’t need to be a hot shot to create a great logo, but still, it is important to look for all the aspects when designing a logo for your firm. So, here are some rules of thumb to understand when designing a logo.

  • Be Simple

From Apple’s logo to McDonald’s golden arches, you can see how simple yet powerful logo they have. These can be an image or text or maybe the combination of both. A symbol reflects the value of a brand, so it’s important to be simple.

  • Versatile

If you run a brand or a small business online, chances are you need a logo in different ways. The best thing about the best logo maker is that they will show you how the design will appear on

Pick the right Icon

You should pick an image that reflects your brand. For instance, if you run a kids clothing shop, then don’t pick a dull or boring image as children’s things should be colourful and attractive.

Designs with an outdated icon and too many colours are not effective. Therefore, it is always wise to look for the latest articles on the website like Design Like that keeps you updated with the latest designs in the trend. Moreover, it will also help you to make a decision to choose the right free logo design according to the trend.

What is a Logo Making Tool?

Online logo maker is a robotic design assistant that allows you to choose colors, icons and style according to your business needs. It creates a wide range of logo options you can choose anyone according to your needs and customize it accordingly. Most logo makers are free of cost.

You just need to design a logo and download it without paying anything. But if you want to get a high-resolution one then you will need to pay and it is also not much expensive.

How to Create a Logo

According to some stats one-third of the 100 brands use blue color in their logo, The reason is because blue color creates a sensation of trust and security which every online company strives for.

Creating a logo is not a rocket science, especially when there are so many tools to assist you. These tools can help you design a logo within the matter of a few minutes. One of such tools is – Renderforest. This tool helps to make high-definition logos instantly. Whether you are looking for an abstract design, minimal, geometric or organic, Renderforest has got you covered!

Step by Step guide of Creating a Logo

  • Step 1– The first step is to go to a logo maker and write the company name and then click on ‘Create My Logo’ icon.
  • Step 2– The next step is to add a description of the company. The algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning will suggest the most suitable logo for your business. After writing the description, click on the icon ‘Next.’
  • Step 3– The next step is to choose the right style of the logo for your brand. You can get nine options to choose from. Pick your style and click on “Next” and then start editing your logo.
  • Step 4– Now you can see many logo versions. Choose any one along with the icon style and then click on an icon of Customize and Finish. After you have completed customizing and finalizing your logo, the logo creator app will give you an opportunity to Edit your logo. You can update the name of the logo, add a tagline text, and change the size of the icon and text. In case you don’t like the style, click on “Change the style’ and pick the one the suits your business style and needs.
  • Step 5– In the color section, you can alter or modify the text and icon colors of your logo. Also, you can add a background if required. It can be done manually or by picking from the wide color palettes suggested. If you don’t like the icons suggested, go to icon-setting and make adjustments accordingly. Look for the best icon and pick the style.
  • Step 6: Once you have selected the icon or a simple text-based logo, now you need to make adjustments. For that pick a suitable icon and go to align section. Pick the distance and positions of your icon and logo text and then click on Done and finish the logo creating process. Now you have two options for downloading your logo: either low-quality Png or high-quality vector or PNG.

Wrapping the post

Undoubtedly, creating a logo with Renderforest is a fun. You can easily create a stunning logo in a few minutes. You can start with an online logo maker and easily create slideshows, animations, intros and music visualizations too.

This fast, affordable and easy logo making tool helps you create branding and logo in a few minutes. From machine learning information to machine learning algorithms, the logo maker tool of Renderforest can help you make the best professional logo for your business.


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