How to Create an Eco-Friendly Bedroom on a Budget 

The importance of an Eco-Friendly bedroom cannot be understated. The bedroom is where most people spend most of their time in a house.

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It should be a calm refuge where you may curl up with a nice book, switch off and watch TV, or simply rest away from the world. This is why your bedroom needs to be as sustainable and green as possible.  By making your bedroom eco-friendly, it is not only beneficial to your health but it helps the environment and our planet at large. 

Having an Eco-Friendly bedroom does not have to be expensive. As a matter of fact, you can spend very little and reuse a lot of materials to derive a green bedroom that will be to your taste. 

Let’s run through the processes of creating an Eco-Friendly Bedroom on a Budget.

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Set a Budget 

One of the reasons why having an eco-friendly bedroom is a great idea, is because if done correctly, you can do so on a tight budget. Like with anything, whether it’s a business or personal project, you need to make a budget by working out how much money will be spent to achieve desired results and complete the project. 

To get started on making your bedroom sustainable, you need to find out what kind of materials you require such as furniture, bedding, flooring etc and how much they cost. This step is very essential so you can map out the amount of money you will like to spend and make sure you’re not going above your limits. 

Eco-Friendly Mattresses and Beddings 

This is the second step you should follow after setting out your budget. Once you have a fixed amount set as your spending limit, you can go ahead to purchase mattresses and beddings. Because most mattresses are made with a lot of chemicals, opting for an organic mattress will reduce the amount of toxins in your sleeping environment significantly. 

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Pillows, blankets, and bedspreads manufactured from organic hemp, cotton, bamboo, or silk are a good choice. Wool, feathers, or down can be used to stuff environmentally friendly pillows. You can purchase affordable mattresses from trusted brands like Amerisleep and Loom & Leaf. 

Sustainable Furniture 

Furniture is essential in a bedroom. It serves many purposes and helps in making the room more comfortable. You can have chairs, tables, nightstand, bed frame and more in your room. It is therefore important that you use furniture made organically or those that have been recycled for reuse. 

Take some time to look for vintage, antique, and plain old used furniture before you buy anything new. This method of shopping is not only less expensive, but it also increases the likelihood of finding something unique and one-of-a-kind for your home.

Bamboo is an excellent organic material since it grows quickly and is a completely renewable resource. It’s also fairly long-lasting. 

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As a result, when making purchasing decisions for your bedroom furniture, you should consider bamboo because it is simply one of, or even the best material from an environmental standpoint. It is also an affordable option. 

If you’re looking for eco friendly furniture then buying from trusted brands like Essentials For Living is extremely important. Essentials For Living uses natural woods and fabrics such as linen and cotton on all of their beds and bedroom furniture. 

Grow Organic Plants 

Plants are aesthetically pleasing and they help beautify your room. What’s more important is that they also improve the quality of air in your room. Plants are cheap and you can buy two or more depending on the size of your bedroom. Plants have been known to aid relaxation in the bedroom. Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Dracaena are some of the popular plants you can have in your bedroom. They filter out poisons, contaminants, and carbon dioxide from our exhaled air and replace it with oxygen, purifying and renewing stale indoor air. So, with the correct indoor plants, we can purify the air at all times of the day and night!

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Energy-Efficient Lighting 

It is impossible to have a bedroom with no lights. Lights play an important role in a bedroom too. 

There are a number of other energy-saving options available. Instead of using traditional lights, try using LEDs. You’ll be astonished at how much energy and money you can save over time by just upgrading to more environmentally friendly lighting.  LED Lights are power-saving and not so expensive. In the long run, they help you save costs on the electricity bill. 

Eco-Friendly Rugs and Flooring 

Rugs made from natural sheep wool such as cotton should be used in the bedroom. These type of rugs are usually very beautiful and many of them are handcrafted. There is a lot of precision that goes into the design of these rugs. 

When it comes to flooring, you want to use materials that will complement your room and make it pop. Recycled materials and cork, bamboo etc are great options for the flooring of your bedroom. Bamboo flooring is gaining popularity as a cost-effective, durable, and environmentally friendly substitute to hardwood flooring. Because bamboo is a regenerated grass, it grows considerably faster than hardwood trees, making it more eco-friendly and sustainable.

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Environmentally Friendly Paint and Curtains 

Most paints contain chemical substances that are harmful to both ones health and the environment at large. Paint usually contains Volatile Organic Compounds which are toxic and also depletes the ozone layer by making the atmosphere less palatable. Eco-friendly and organic curtains are widely available now. Materials that suit the environment are used to make these curtains. A lot of them are made from linen. Pottery Barn, Made Trade, Prolinen are some places you can get great affordable curtains. 

Water-Bourne and plant-based plants are the best options available. Little Greene and House of Hackney are brands that offer sustainable paints. 


As you have read, there are different steps and methods to make your bedroom Eco-Friendly on a budget. Most of the steps are not so expensive to carry out and you can make use of recycled products or second-hand materials in good condition. 

The goal is to make your bedroom favorable to you and the environment. Achieving a green sustainable bedroom requires some effort but it is quite possible with some planning and effort.

If your bedroom is not Eco-Friendly yet, you can get started with this article and begin making  it green now.  You can shop high quality eco friendly bedroom furniture, rugs and decor at trusted sites like House&Hold to find the perfect products for your eco-friendly bedroom


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