How to Decorate a Small Living Room?

Only one misstep and your small living room can get cluttered. You need to think out of the box to come up with practical and balanced interior design. 

Packing couches, electronics, tables, and wall arts will likely make the room congested and smaller. 

There are, however, multiple ways you can design the room to elegance. Our article focuses on showing you how you can decorate a small living room into a spectacle.

1Come up With Artistic Storages

Your room is small, so the main goal is to ensure it looks grand and also spacious. Decluttering is the way to go, so any small items like toys, books should not lie around as they make the room look messy. 

Think of hanging willow bags on the walls. The bags remove the need for using hooks and buying cabinets, which will clutter the room. 

2. Sway Attention Away from the Room

It is easy for visitors to spot how small your room is regardless of what you do. You can, however, take all their attention from the room with large and attractive statement pieces. 

You can station a large heirloom or artifact in the room that can grab all visitors’ attention and elicit conversations.

Meaning, you’ll get rid of small pieces of art or chairs to create room and space outlook. Check for more ideas about it.

3. Get Rid of Bulky Sofa

Large sofas can consume the whole space and leave the room without breathing space or walkways. An effective way of de-congesting and enhancing the room’s outlook is to get rid of all big sofas and buy a snuggle, 1.5-seater sofa or a love seat couch.

4. Use Hanging Plants and Flowers

With a small room, you don’t have space to incorporate plants or flowers. You can use hanging lamps or hanging porters instead to free up the floor space. The planters elevate decoration without congestion and stress.

5. Go for White Walls 

Dark or bright paintings, sculptures, and wall art can eat up a room. To create a space illusion and enhance brightness, paint all the walls white. You can go with white paint that matches your decor, for example, warm white or cool-toned. Any of the two options will surely elevate your room and open up space.

6. Use Camouflaged Ceiling Storage

Willow baskets and kitchen shelves may not be adequate to store all clutter. Wall-mounted lockable cabinets near the ceiling can eliminate the clutter problem. Use one color to paint the walls and the cabinets for disguise. 


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