How to Design a Living Room That Expresses Yourself

Your living room is a focal area of your home where you welcome your guests and also space where you can relax after a long day at work or just sit down with a book. So, it is important not just for visitors but also to you that that the room be welcoming, comfortable and personal.

Making your living room feel like you may seem challenging initially. To make things easier, you just have to take some time to analyze what are the things you like to do, what makes you happy and what your style preferences are. Then, just work around them.

  1. Decide your Style and Colour Palette

Before you start on your interior design adventure, you need to decide what kind of style you wish to follow. You can even get extra creative and blend several styles for a unique look. There are many styles to choose from including contemporary, bohemian, French country, minimalist, traditional, antique, botanical and luxurious. Once you’ve picked your style, choose a relevant colour palette with a maximum of four colours.

  1. Let your Furniture and Furnishings Reflect You

Your furniture and decor choices should match up to the style and palette you’ve chosen. Paint your tables in co-ordinating colours and select fabric or leather for your chairs and sofas to suit the room’s colour scheme while also reflecting your personality.

Put in some accent tone throw cushions for extra effect. You can also consider bringing in a statement piece such as a traditional chinoiserie table or whatever fits in with your chosen interior style.

  1. Change the Lighting

The kind of lighting you have in your room will determine the mood you create. Swap those boring or bland lights for something more interesting and attractive. How about flattering your room with a combination of wall sconces and floor lamps? Maybe you could try pot lights for the room’s major lighting and complement them with a single hanging chandelier.

  1. Introduce Plants for a Positivity Boost

Develop a positive vibes ecosystem in your living room by incorporating fresh flowers and other foliage. While flowers contribute texture and colour to otherwise neutral or drab spaces, plants in general convey a feeling of energy and vitality and of soothing, calm nature.

Decoration suggestions include using a single large plant and giving it the centre of attention in your room or organizing different colours of small plants in a manner that creates a dramatic effect rather than putting similar looking plants together.

  1. Showcase your Hobby

If you are great with crafts or drawing, display your artistic creations. Alternatively, you can design your own wallpaper.  Maybe your hobby is not art but dancing, playing the guitar, singing or sports. Don’t hide it but make it known by displaying items associated with it whether dance videos, a CD collection, your guitar or sports trophies. It can even be items you’ve collected. Place them on shelves or hang them according to your fancy.

  1. Transform the Window Dressing

The windows need attention too. You can easily convey your personality through them by making them over with eye-catching treatment. The right window dressing will make your room look more polished and attractive. Depending on the style you’ve selected for your room, your individual taste, privacy requirements and how much light you wish to enter the room, choose a suitable dressing. You can check out interesting collections on online stores – MakeMyBlinds for example has a wide range of blind solutions that you can compare including dimout roller blinds and impression blinds.

  1. Make a Gallery Wall

This is one of the best ways to personalize your space and has become very popular in recent times. It is the place to display all those items that tell the story about you, your family, and your loves. You can display photos, art works including sketches done by your children and highlighted in beautiful frames, and inspirational quotes. You could even add one or more plants, patterned fabrics and hanging items – be as eclectic as you wish without overdoing it.

  1. Do it with Books

Whether you have realized it already or not, your collection of books can speak a lot about your personality and interests. Stack up all your treasured titles and books that mean a lot to you in a single line or arrange them in a nice bookcase as per your design preference. When visitors see your book collection and the notes of your personality in it, it may trigger interesting conversation.

Now that you’ve done up your living room, you’re one step closer to doing up your whole home the way you dreamed it would be.


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