How to Design and Layout a Small Living Room

Anyone with a small living room will understand the need to plan the layout in a certain way which minimizes the space. Having a cosy living room is one thing but nobody wants to be limited when it comes to space to move around. We have to remember that there is a fine balance to be struck between form and function here, and when it comes a to a small living room, this is more important than ever.

There are however some tricks which you can employ that will help you to amplify the room and give that feeling of extra space. The key to this is getting the layout and design right, and here are some tips to bear in mind.

Use of Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way of giving the feeling of space in any room and if you can get it right in your small living room they could make the world of difference. When you are looking to install mirrors in this space make sure that you use a variety of sizes if you pick multiple products. Another key thing to remember here is to position those mirrors in a way that doesn’t reflect the glare of the natural light or the lights within the room.

Broken Up Seating

Instead of looking for sofas which are large and seat multiple people, a far better idea is to have a number of small seating options. This gives you flexibility in the space and ensures that your furniture can be interchangeable. This also helps you to avoid a single piece of furniture taking up large amounts of space, which very often results in wasted space around it. Consider high quality but small love seats and poufs which will add more character to the space and give you that cosy style without the space feeling too tight.

Storage Up

It is going to be essential that you utilize the upper third of the room when it comes to storage, focusing on keeping as much floor space available as possible. Naturally this is not something which you should do on all four walls as the result will be a feeling of the room closing in. Pick one wall and add some high cupboards which will really help you to make the most of what is generally considered dead space.

Playing With Colors

Playing with light and dark shades of the same color always looks great in a small space and this is certainly something that you should consider. Perhaps you could look at doing a dark feature wall which will also help to give the rest of the room a more spacious feeling. Alternatively, if you are going for that cosy feeling, darker colors on the three walls with a bright feature can give you this theme without necessarily stripping away the feeling of space in the living room.

There is a world of options for you no matter how big or small your living room happens to be.


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