How to Design your Home for Winter Season

Winter season is about to come and temperature goes down and many of us wonder how to design and decorate our home interiors in order to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere where to enjoy better the spirit of holidays. The transition from fall to winter provides the perfect excuse to cozy up your home with new accessories and colors inspired by the season. Dress your home for cool winter weather using these useful tips.

1. Use darker color schemes for a warm atmosphere: Infuse your space with darker shades of colors that will bring warm atmosphere is a perfect design for cold weather. Use brown, red, dark green, gold, burgundy to your apartment design. You can choose the colors for upholstered furniture, bedspreads, sheets, curtains and other textiles.

Use  many pillows and cushions. If you want a considerable change, you can choose wall-coverings. These does not have to cost a fortune if discounts and bargains throughout the year are purchased.

2. Choose fluffy carpets: Carpets are a great way to decorate your house and bring a feeling of extra warmth, at least to the parquet or other floors. Even if you think a carpet does not match the aesthetic sense of the room, think they are good insulators.

3. Heat your house with special lighting systems: Another way to change the interior design for the coming cold season is to change the lighting system. Choose tungsten bulbs instead of what you have now that will further warm the room and bring a sense of winter. You can opt for small candles and lamps for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Red or orange candlelight will not only add heat but will be a plus for the interior design of the room. Add aromas and warm scents to your indoors such as vanilla, cinnamon and more.

4. Opt for a fireplace: Installing a fireplace in the living room can be a prudent and safe choice to heat the apartment or the house. Fireplace installation and maintenance can help, since it will cut the heating costs for other systems. Its installation can be expensive but think of it as an investment of time, the fireplace warming your house every year, in winter.

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