How to do electrical estimating of any project

Perhaps, electrical estimating is an integral part of any construction estimating the project. In the world of electrical estimation, you have to submit proposals and bids to win a certain project. For this reason, Construction Estimating Services NYC plays a vital role.  Therefore, it is quite important to bid low enough to win against many other contractors and high to cover all the aspects. In this way, you can easily get the overhead required to run your firm. However, before getting the construction takeoff services try to follow certain steps. Today, we are here with 11 basic steps that can help in getting the project concerning electrical estimating services. 

  1. Choose the Right Work to Bid
  2. Review the Specifications
  3. Review the Drawings
  4. Perform a Quantity Takeoff
  5. Request Supplier Quotes
  6. Create your Estimate
  7. Build your Proposal
  8. Analyze the Results
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Basic steps for electrical estimation of any project 


  1. Choose the Right Work to Bid   

Picking the appropriate type of work to bid is the very first stage in the electrical estimating process. If you win the electrical construction project, you should limit bidding on electrical projects in which you have minimal experience and are more prone to make mistakes during the estimate process and project execution. When electrical estimation methods and your field personnel take on new types of work, there is a learning experience that can slice into your profit margin.

  1. Review the Specifications 

Examine the Division 01 general specifications, as well as the Division 26 specifications, for contractor requirements, fee structures, bridging capacity, and relevant legislation. And ensure that you can fulfil the standards and live with the legal wording if you win the construction job. Once you’ve completed the general specifications. Now you can easily move forward. 

  1. Review the Drawings 

Again, look at the drawings and make sure you have a great idea of the entire work. This will help you in finding the true scope of the entire project. In addition to all the things, also look at the architecture. Moreover, understand the height and elevation too. Because it can affect the labour cost, materials, equipment and other utilities.

  1. Perform a Quantity Analysis Before getting construction takeoff Services 

Take out all the highlighters, you can use your favourite software for takeoff too. This is again helpful for counting and measuring all the necessary items. Make sure all these things are already mentioned in the electrical drawings. Start with a single item and count all one by one.

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  1. Request Supplier Quotes 

Probably, the lightning count is also a fundamental aspect of the electrical estimation of any project.  For Estimating the light count you can consult some of the light suppliers too. However, these materials are counted separately.  Well, mention the fixtures on the drawings, it will help you in the easy designation. 

  1. Create your Estimates

After the above-mentioned steps, now you have a good estimate for all the quantities. Now you have to determine the unit cost of all the items. Well, to complete this step, you have to identify the labour cost that is associated with all the tasks. Moreover, you can also extend this with the task. Furthermore, it’s again easy to determine the material cost by calling the supplier. Keep in mind, previous projects can also help you, but if you are not experienced, you can read some manuals and guides too.

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  1. Build your Proposal via consulting construction Estimating Services Nyc

After you get the idea of sale prices now it’s time to consult the Construction Estimating Services NYC you have hired so far. However, now create your proposal with terms and conditions. However, getting construction takeoff services nyc also involves guiding you in creating a proposal. However, use the same slang that is used in the specifications and drawings. This will make the project easy. Lastly, review it again and again and don’t miss anything.

  1. Analyze the Results 

It’s quite possible, in the start it’s not possible to find out your worth when you are in a mix with other contractors. However, keep in mind general contractors usually work with several vendors. Moreover, they also have a great experience. For this reason, you have to bid many times on a project to get the contractor’s trust.


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