How to Efficiently Organize Your Supplement Cabinets

Whether you are using supplements to improve your physique or just prevent disease, they can start to add up around the house. Bottles of capsules and powders can get pretty messy and overwhelming at times. For people that maintain a certain level of organization throughout their home, supplements strewn about the bathroom or kitchen can seem stressful.

Organizing a supplement cabinet isn’t a difficult task, but it does take some investment of your time. Given that my boyfriend and I have been living in a 230 square foot apartment together for the past few months, we have figured out what must be organized and how to do it.

Hopefully with some of the tools that we have learned, you will have a much easier experience organizing your supplement cabinets. Use these rules and you’ll be able to organize thoroughly.

Organize Your Supplements: Step by Step

Step #1: Be clear with what you need

Most supplements are magic pills and don’t really do much good anyway. If you have even a hint that this might be the case, get rid of it! There is no space to waste on supplements that don’t actually work. There are dozens of good quality supplements like bacopa monnieri with plenty of evidence. If you don’t find solid evidence for the supplement, don’t keep it.

The second part to this step is to get rid of the things that you never use. Are there supplements that work, but you just never use? Don’t keep them on the shelves. Studies show that most consumers of supplements just allow the products to sit on their shelves unconsumed. Don’t do this or it will waste space.

Step #2: Organize based on usage

Some people like to keep their supplements organized in a cabinet based on the size or other aesthetic factors, but this is more of a pain than anything. If you organize the supplements based on how often you use them, it will be far easier. Make sure the most-used supplements are easiest to access and the less used options are behind.

Step #3: Use weekly supplement boxes

Another trick we use in my tiny home is small supplement boxes that elderly people usually have for prescription drugs. Once a week, I can take all the supplements out of the counter and lay out the pills for each day.

The reason this is so effective is because taking supplements in and out of a cabinet will create disorganization over time. Slowly things will move out of place and eventually it will be a mess again. Using the weekly supplement boxes can make a big difference instead.

Step #4: Consolidate as much as possible

Even though my partner loves nootropics and finds his favorite phenylpiracetam on sale doesn’t mean he needs to buy as much of it as he can! The little bit of savings that we find through buying in bulk doesn’t offer much when compared to the headache of trying to organize everything.

Try to consolidate by getting only one bottle at a time and finishing that as you need. Otherwise, you’ll be pulling out your hair trying to organize your supplements!


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