How To Elevate Your Home Look With These 3 Decorating Ideas

1. The colour palette should be the first step

Colour is the starting point for everything.

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Today, even motion pictures are in high definition colour, so why should your home be any different?

Choosing paint colours for each room will be a good place to start. To determine which shades are best for which rooms, refer to our article on the psychology of colours.

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Choosing pastels instead of bold colours may be a good option if you aren’t a fan of bold colours. The gradient accent wall is a great alternative to plain gallery walls. Wallpaper should invigorate you and provide serenity at the same time if you prefer it. Seeing it will let you know. It is possible to feel calm and composed by using certain paints and wall design elements, while being motivated to achieve your dreams at the same time. Some of them have Halloween themes as well.

The next step is to think about the colour scheme for the furniture and other pieces of home decor. Although they must complement each other, they don’t have to be plain and simple, unless you’re a minimalist. By introducing a gallant yet elegant colour scheme to your home design, you can add luxe to it.

For a simplistic home look, we personally love white walls mixed with Rattan and a pop of greenery, especially in small spaces.

Light blues, reds, and greys mixed with golden hues and accent walls create a grand and luxurious living space. However, you should choose a colour palette that appeals to you the most.

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2. The light shall shine

Home decor is incomplete without lighting. Brightness and subtlety must be balanced perfectly.Glass panels should be installed on large windows and skylights. Your home will be illuminated, as well as cleansed, by natural light. A French window, sliding glass doors, or skylight can add a sense of spaciousness to a small room in particular. In order to save space while still brightening up your home adequately, LED lights and sconces are a good alternative to floor lamps.

The windows and skylights can be a nice touch in large rooms and big houses because the space and square footage are so large. A bright and welcoming atmosphere is created even in the dingiest areas with these features.

Consider installing a chandelier in the ballroom, living room, family room, or dining room. You can entertain both friends and family with them while adding a sense of luxury. On dreary days, you may enjoy your meals in your kitchen with pendant lights, preferably over the island. A coffee table or study table can also benefit from their addition.

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For kitchen cabinets and countertops, consider accent lights and LED light fixtures. In these areas, you should illuminate them appropriately because they are critical to your personal hygiene.

To create a focal point, add lights to statement pieces like a china cabinet or around expensive paintings or antiques.

3. Consider the walls

Are you interested in panelling your walls, or are you more interested in tiles? Perhaps you prefer geometric prints over paint, or maybe you want wallpaper?

As long as it feels comfortable to you, anything goes.

To maintain the simplicity of a minimalist home, you can add some flair by painting murals or drawing geometric shapes.

Adding West Elm panels or Dado, or anything else luxurious will make the room look glamorous. You can line your gallery walls with string lights or expensive artwork, and you can use textured or plain wallpapers. Your warm and fuzzy memories can also be relieved by hanging up family photos and portraits.

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Add some DIY elements to the wall if you are particularly artistic. Make a mood board using your favourite design styles as a quirky piece of art or frame your handiwork and hang it up. A glass casing can be lined with foam or sponge so that jewellery, keys, important notes, etc. can be hung inside.

Consider how you can reflect on yourself personally.


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