How to Enhance Your Decor Using Modern Wardrobes?

From transparent to fully enclosed, minimal structure to fancy walk-ins; modern wardrobes can be used both as a central piece or a bystander in your rooms.

The main purpose of wardrobes is storage. While greatly useful in keeping our things organized, it’s purpose often makes it an afterthought when it comes to interiors design and home décor. It’s as if just about anything would do. The apparent rigidity of their universal shapes makes it forgettable too.

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Fortunately, both the modern designers are increasingly more attentive to the design of wardrobes, so much so that it’s now an integral part of home décor. The elegance, versatility, as well as the modular designs of some wardrobes, as showcased beautifully in the collection of Poliform design modern wardrobes, also helped its cause.

So, today, let’s find out how you can integrate your modern wardrobes into your bedroom or wardrobe room décor and enhance the overall appearance of the rooms.

Take Stock of Your Room Carefully

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Just like any other furniture, you have to carefully think about the placement of your wardrobe in whichever room you want to place it. As usual, you also have to think about the other elements that are already there in the room, or you are planning to add to it. Is there a window in your room? Is the wardrobe going to be the central piece? Are you placing it near the widest wall; or the tiniest? All these considerations are pretty important in order for you to find the perfect design of your wardrobe.

For example, if there is a large window in your room, you may want to place your modern wardrobe in such a way that it effectively creates a personal corner or viewing centre in your room, or not.

Size Does Matter, To Some Extent

Wardrobes, even in its smallest size, tend to be bigger or bulkier than most other furniture of your home. If you are placing it in your bedroom, it can be even trickier as the bedroom has another large furniture in the shape of a bed. So, it’s better you literally measure the room and find out the size that works for you.

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As a general rule, single or sliding door wardrobes work well in a small room, while bigger rooms can work with both smaller and larger wardrobes. A ceiling height wardrobes also tend to require a bigger room so as not to feel too intrusive. However, if you do need a lot of space in a smaller place, you can utilize some geometrically shaped or mirrored-door wardrobes.

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Aesthetics is in the Finishes

Of course, the inside of a wardrobe is fundamental to your decision, but the finishes are also something you shouldn’t forget. Modern wardrobes are not limited to wooden finishes; they can be painted grey, white, blue, a mixture, or just about anything. While most finishes work well with most setup, modern wooden finishes work best with a classy or traditional setup.


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