How to Enhance your Home’s Value with Landscaping in Knoxville

With a Cost of Living Index of 85.5 and home value just 5% higher than Tennessee, Knoxville boasts an excellent livability score of 71.

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The city’s median home value stands at about $200k, with a 1-year appreciation rate of 10%. On the other hand, the median rent price is steady at $1,250 while presenting a price-to-rent ratio of 14.54. It is the best time to improve your home value, considering the booming real estate market this Tennessee city presents. 

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Reputable experts in Knoxville landscapes suggest investing in landscaping prospects in your property to enhance its value. While offering sophisticated services from landscape designing, lawn care, hardscaping to planting, the professionals have an eye for even the smallest detailing. Here’s how you can improve your Knoxville house value with expert-recommended landscaping solutions.

Maintain Beautiful Lawns and Gardens

With ventures like The Knoxville Garden Club cultivating the community’s beautification through gardening, the city is one step close to environmental protection. 

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Practicing proper lawn care and keeping your grass in good shape is not only an ideal way to contribute to community improvement but also bolster your home value. Having a top-notch irrigation system that makes watering convenient is a prolific investment. Licensed experts carefully design your sprinkler system, ensuring maximum coverage for your lawn. Their services assure your property value increases by manifolds while improving your garden’s aesthetic appeal.

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Invest in a Landscape Design that Complements Your Home Style

Knoxville features a diverse mix of home styles, from Victorian, like The Howard House, to modernist, like Thoroughly Modern.

When you have a landscape that matches your dwelling architecture, it will indeed raise your asset value. Check with an expert to find a design with all the high-quality elements and artistry to appreciate your home price.

Build a Patio

If you are a University of Tennessee football fan who loves to throw spectacular football parties, then having a patio can be of great help. Not only do you have a sit-out space outside your house, but it also adds great monetary value to your property. 

Leading specialists in Knoxville landscapes recommend paver patio over natural stone and other concrete options. You can discuss the best suitable material and the right-sized space for guests to hang around.

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Focus on Planting Trees

Though the soil is clayey and tightly set in most of Knoxville, the locals harness its rich nutrients by amending it. They use soil conditioner when planting, ensuring even the native plants grow healthy.

Having a lush green landscape is a surefire way to increase your asset potential. Specialized professionals offer planting new pods and sick tree removal services; they review your property’s soil profile and suggest the best suitable landscaping plants. Their designs provide excellent water movement that allows water to reach the far corners of your plot, a must for growing trees. 

Add Landscaping Features to Bolster Privacy

You may love to visit the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum or Dogwood Arts to enjoy the city’s natural beauty. But having a private space with the same scenic charm is a fantastic value add, compelling potential home buyers to agree to your demanding home price.

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In Knoxville, renowned agencies offer hardscaping services, such as building retaining walls and walkways guaranteed to last. With greenery and such beautiful value-adds all over your property, you can appreciate the city’s native plants and trees in your backyard.

Maintain Your Property by Planning the Right Time for Your Landscaping Activities

Leading consultants in Knoxville landscapes suggest scheduling certain landscaping activities during specific months. For instance, top agencies offer spring and fall cleanup services, as it’s during this time when you would have to clean all the debris accumulated over the summer months. 

When you have to complete a landscape activity, you can book an appointment with the agency. They will let you know when to proceed with the services they offer for the work. 

Keep Your Property Snow-free

Though snowfall in Knoxville is moderate, the city witnessed a white Christmas last year, with 2 to 3 inches of snowfall on the ground and 4 to 6 inches around the Smokies.

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Renowned consultants in this region provide excellent customized snow and ice removal services. A snow-free property is toxin-free and looks appealing to those looking for a house in the peak winter months, thus enabling you to set a home value of your choice.

Final Thoughts

With a 90% probability of increasing property values in Knoxville, the home prices will be higher by the end of this year. Consult a top landscaping expert and finalize a unified design for your property and make the best use of this upward market curve. While you will achieve an eye-appealing property, the landscaping solutions will ensure your home goes off the listing at the earliest, at your estimated value.


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