Easy to clean window treatments for your Orlando home

Florida, the Sunshine State, also gets its fair share of dust, so if you’re amongst people who struggle for a time cleaning the windows, here are some easy-to-clean window treatments for your Orlando home. 

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Cleaning blinds is not an easy task. Curtain, draperies, or even fabric roller shades attract every dust particle, requiring them to clean frequently. However, if you have installed faux wood shutters, the story could be different entirely. 

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So if you’re looking for a window treatment that requires minimal maintenance and cleaning, stay away from curtains, shades, and blinds. Curtain, as we already discussed, attract dust quickly, and cleaning them frequently with a dry cleaner or a brush is going to be a task. 

Blinds again pose their own set of challenges. Too harsh handling can leave them with scratches. You have to clean each slat individually, and there are high chances of snapping if the material is of poor quality. Faux wood blinds and hardwood blinds are still easy to clean but time-consuming. 

Shutters are built for easy cleaning

AluCore Poly Shutters or composite wood shutters are made from engineered materials and are scratch, UV, water, and chip resistant. They stand up well to dirt also. You can easily wipe off any accumulated dust with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. However, this doesn’t mean that you are compromising on the looks. You can still choose from a smooth or grain finish. 

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These Poly Shutters are resistant to UV rays, Fire, Moisture, Humidity, Bacteria, and Termites. They are Hypoallergic (no harmful gases emitted), Lead-free, don’t discolor or chip even on prolonged usage and come with a limited lifetime warranty. They come in different louver sizes, and some homeowners choose a large louver option, the 4 1/2″ louver size enabling them for easy cleaning, but 3 ½ ” louvers are not bad either. 

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Crafted with the finest quality solid poly materials using the latest technology, there are no chances of dings and dents. When compared to composite wood or other plantation shutters they offer a louver width of 28″, AluCore Poly shutters offer a panel width up to 36″ wide. Aluminum inserts provide added strength and rigidity. If you want to know more about these easy-to-clean and maintain shutters, seek professional expertise and enhance your space’s beauty. 


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