Avoid these mistakes when buying window treatments for your space

Choosing the wrong window treatment is a grave mistake in the pocket.

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So, spending time looking for a window treatment that fits style and functionality along with the budget makes sense. So, here is a list of common mistakes most homeowners may make when they’re out buying window treatments. 

Take the measurements yourself vs. seeking Profession help

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For standard-size windows, this may not be a factor to consider. However, for custom windows like specialty windows, bay windows, or arched windows, it is advisable to call for professional measurement from the experts. Many companies are offering a free measure and installation services. Check them out. 

Picking the wrong color or pattern does not fit in existing décor

Getting overwhelmed with a huge variety of window coverings is understood. However, be conscious of which window treatment you are choosing, where you will install it, the purpose of choosing this style, etc. Find answers to such questions. 

Gone are those days when not many colors, sizes, and styles were available. There were only standard sizes and styles, and people also had to pick from them. Today, this is not the case. You can get easily confused. Make a list of the styles, colors, texture, functionality, etc., that you want your window covering should offer, and then choose accordingly. 

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Maintenance and sustainability

When choosing window coverings, pay attention to the maintenance aspect if you do not have time to clean and maintain them. Window treatments come in all styles – standard or custom built, colors, and materials. Again, list your considerations and make an informed decision. 

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Trends or home style

 If you are redoing a home, considering factors like existing style, color scheme, etc., these are essential. However, when decorating a new place, you can create a look synchronized to other elements, or even a contrast would look attractive. 


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