Blackout window treatment options for busy streets in Florida

 Are you experiencing erratic or no sleep issues? Even the smallest amount of light is coming in, depriving you of the essential everyday sleep.

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If this is the case, you might need to invest in blackout window treatments. Want to know more about it. Here’s everything you need to know about blackout window coverings

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Insulation and noise reduction

Since the material is a blackout, no harsh sunrays can enter your room. However, lining them up with white can reflect all the rays keeping the summer temperatures cool. If you’re living on a busy street or have kids who take naps during the day, the noise reduction quality of the heavy blackout windows will save your day. 

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They are available in motorized options. 

We all know motorized systems add another layer of comfort and convenience to the window treatment. The blackout liner’s efficiency can be increased with a motorized system. How? We know that an adequate amount of sunlight is good for everyone. However, with blackout shades in place, getting sunlight seems a daunting task. When you fit in motorized options, you can open them to let the sunlight come in. you can close them any time of the day, sitting indoors, outdoors, or even in your office. 

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They are not just black

Blackout curtains are not just black, it’s the opacity of the material that defines whether it is a blackout fabric or not. You could even opt for other blackout options like double-lined curtains, opaque roller shades, etc. you can ask for customization in a blackout window treatment to suit your décor and budget. 

If you have an odd-sized window that faces the busy street, don’t worry. Seek professional expertise and get a custom-made blackout window treatment to keep the noise out and have peace. 


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