How to Enlarge Existing Hole in Quartz Countertop

Quartz is the most common and popular material for countertops. If you want to create a slab of Quartz, all you need to do is to combine natural materials with polyester resin.

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If you are willing to enlarge the existing hole in the quartz countertop then you must do it with precautions. It is because you could end up ruining the whole quartz countertop. You can get this task done if you are having the right tools and the proper guide.

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In this article, you will get a step-by-step guide on how to enlarge the existing hole in the quartz countertop. Adopting the given steps will lead you to the enlargement of the hole with more accuracy. So, it is recommended to follow these steps and avoid destroying the whole quartz countertop. 

Following is the complete guide with all the precautions on how to widen a pre-drilled hole in a quartz countertop. 

How to Enlarge Existing Hole in Quartz Countertop:

Quartz stone is the most used countertop in kitchens and bathrooms. It is because of its strongness. Moreover, it also cannot be scratched. So, the characteristics of the quartz make it the most favourite stone to be used in the kitchens. 

Quartz is a very strong material, so you need a diamond-tipped bit to cut the quartz.

  1. Use of Diamond tipped bit

Drilling is not easy when it comes to drilling a quartz stone. It cannot be drilled accurately because of its strongness. So, you need to choose a diamond-tipped bit for cutting the quartz. This is much stronger than the quartz. So it will easily cut it and save you from a lot of other blunders as well while drilling. 

You must use a bucket below the hole to stop the debris from falling onto the floor. 

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  1. Place bucket below the hole 

It is important that you keep the kitchen clean while drilling the quartz countertop. Always use a bucket and place it below the hole. All the debris and water which is used for lubrication will go into the bucket. Using a bucket will help you in keeping your surroundings clean. 

Now, it is easy to drill if you apply it on some type of template made up of cardboard. 

  1. Use of template for accuracy

The use of the template is the best option here for more accuracy of the hole. This template could be made out of cardboard or of something similar. This is because it is only used for the accuracy of the hole. If you don’t create a template, there is a possibility that you might end up creating a non-accurate hole. 

Once you create that template, then place it on the countertop carefully. 

  1. Put template onto the hole

The next step of enlarging the hole in the quartz countertop is the placement of the template onto the hole. Place it very accurately and efficiently. This is because the accuracy of the hole will be dependent on this template. 

Now, drill slowly and carefully. Drilling fast on this step could cause problems for you. So, it is best if you drill slowly and securely. Remove the template and drill freely once you are done with creating a way to hole.

  1. Drill freely

Once you remove the template from the hole, then it is time to drill freely and without any hesitation. Keep drilling don’t cause too much heat. This is because the friction of drilling produces a lot of heat. This heat could cause damage to the quartz. 

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So, to avoid the problem of heating, you can use water a clay to cool down the quartz. You need to put clay and water into the hole. This is helpful in keeping the quartz cool. But, don’t drill right after you water inside. 

  1. Put clay around the hole

Put clay around the hole in the form of the ring. Also, use water and fill the area with water. It is because the drilling generates heat which must be avoided. 

You must drill carefully when you drill the hole again. Drill slowly and securely. You may have placed clay and water into the hole to avoid the heating problem. But, there is still a need to be drilled slowly instead of drilling in a rush.  Clean up the place and have a look at your new hole. 

  1. Drill carefully and clean up

It is important to drill very slowly and carefully once you start drilling the hole again. This is because drilling fast could end up destroying your whole work. So, drill very slowly if you want to enlarge an existing hole in the quartz countertop. After that, you will see you have successfully widened the hole. Clean the bucket filled with the debris.  

Repeat the process for more accuracy. If it adjusts well into the hole then you have done it.

  1. Check and repeat if required

After you are done with the hole, check if it is right for you according to your needs. If you need some adjustments again, you can repeat the procedure. 

3. How to Protect Quartz Countertop from Damaging while Drill?- 

Quartz is not easy to cut because of its strongness. Any single mistake in the process of drilling could end you up with big regret. You will never wish to replace the quartz after the incorrect drilling. Here are some of the recommendations you need to follow to protect your quartz from damage. 

Use a powerful machine

It is very important that you use a powerful machine with more efficiency. Using a poor machine for this process could cause many mistakes. So, it is recommended to use a powerful tool.

Diamond bit and right bit size

Quartz is a hard stone to cut. You need a diamond-tipped bit to cut the quartz. As it is stronger as compared to the quartz, so it can easily cut it. 

Choosing the right size bit is an important part of this task. You need to drill according to your required hole. If you drill more or less, it could become a problem for you. So, the use of the template is the best option to avoid this problem. 

Use of water for cooling

Drilling causes a lot of heat due to its friction. The quartz stone could be cracked because of it.
So it is important to use the water for cooling the stone. 

Moreover, also use safety precautions and protective gear for this task. You could get a flying crystal. So, it is important to cover your face with protection. 

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Quartz is one of the most popular and common stones used for countertops. This is also a very hard material that cannot be damaged or cracked easily. For kitchen renovation, you may need to buy the best undermount kitchen sink for the quartz countertop, and you want to adjust it to the existing countertop. Now, the existing hole is not enough. So, you can enlarge the hole easily instead of replacing the whole quartz countertop. You can widen the hole on your own instead of calling a professional. All you need are the proper right tools for this purpose. You must follow the instructions and all the precautions before attempting this task. Above, you are provided with the complete guide and step-by-step process. By following it, you can easily enlarge the quartz hole on the countertop at home on your own. 


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