How to Find the Best Ice Crusher for Your Needs

You know you have to consider an ice crusher for the summer outings and trips. You will become a specialist in making cocktails and all kind of beverages for your friends and relatives. Make any summer days better by choosing a quality ice crusher especially designed to fulfill your needs.

High-quality ice crushers feature stainless steel blades, and are able to crush at least 6 pounds of ice per minute. Your kids will be thrilled to hear you can make them colorful ice cones and your friends will enjoy those delicious fresh cocktails out on the porch. In what follows, we will offer some advices on how to choose the best ice crusher to fulfill your needs.

A Manual Ice Crusher or An Electric Ice Crusher?

When you want to quickly prepare a fresh and cool drink, a manual ice crusher will help you with a few chips of ice, producing the perfect quantity of crushed ice for just your drink. This way, you will prevent making too much ice that might go to waste. This handy device will make the summer cooler. Nevertheless, if you host a party at your house, it will be pretty difficult to garnish the food, prepare the cocktails and crush the ice, all at the same time.

However, in case you have a family business, like a restaurant, bar or a small café, an electric ice crusher is more suitable. It makes ice more ice quicker. There are ice crushers which make 360 pounds of ice in just an hour. Therefore, your summer parties or small business will be a total success. Hundreds of satisfied clients will praise your refreshing cocktails.

General Features for an Ice Crusher

If wanting to find the best product, you have to take a look at a few features that will help to decide on the brand. First, focus on the capacity of the ice crusher to determine how much ice you are going to need, depending on the number of people invited to the party or your customers.

Then, look at its size and find out whether it is portable or not. This way, you will be able to take it everywhere you go, on all your camping or fishing trips. You can take it around at your family gatherings, birthday parties, graduation parties and all your friends’ reunions. If you want an ice crusher to use at home, there is no need to buy one that crushes 25 kilograms of ice per hour. This is a lot more suitable for commercial use. Furthermore, an ice crusher that crushes so much ice surely consumes a lot of electricity.

In case living in a tiny apartment, you surely do not need a large ice crusher. You should choose light and compact devices because it will be easier for you to carry around and less likely to drop it than if it was heavy and bulky. If you decide to buy one with extra features, you will surely have to pay even more. Therefore, better focus on the important ones and verify your budget before making any purchase.

Most Important Features


If you want to purchase a useful ice crusher, try to consider a powerful one with a reliable engine. Furthermore, it should have sharp and solid edges. This way, it will easily transform ice into snowflakes and into squares. This device should not be difficult to move around the house especially if you want to carry it to your backyard for a party. You will notice the force of ice pulverizing blender by looking at it on the sides of the box. It may feature particular settings that can allow the blender to better pound the ice.


When purchasing an ice crusher, everyone wants one to last for a while, especially when paid for more than expected. If taking care of it, clean it regularly and maintain it, you will have it for a few years. However, consider buying a stainless steel one since it deals with a lot of water every day.

Keep in mind all the features mentioned above that will guide you when going shopping for an ice crusher. Family gatherings or backyard parties with friends will be cooler. Everyone will praise the cold cocktails and the kids will appreciate the colorful ice cones. Make sure the device is durable enough and consider cleaning it periodically to prolong its life.


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