How to Get A Free Antique Furniture Appraisals Online

An online appraisal will help you decide whether an antique is worth keeping, selling, or discarding.

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It’s a terrific method to find out how much your treasures are worthwhile putting in minimal time or effort on your behalf.

However, there are several notable disadvantages to consider before accepting an online evaluation as the exact truth. Read about some of the limits of free appraisals before scrolling down for a selection of online appraisal tools.

Free appraisals won’t work for insurance purposes.

If you wish to insure an antique, you’ll need official certification from a reliable source. In some instances, you must compensate the appraiser for their time. However, you can reach out to your insurance company to determine what they require to insure your antiques.

Free Valuation Websites

Sending your item to more appraisers to check your antique furniture appraisals online to see if there are any pricing differences it is always a great idea. Always double-check any website you choose to ensure that there are no hidden fees. Before obtaining the appraisal, be sure you understand exactly what you’re getting.

Some popular websites for free appraisals include:

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Gannon’s Antiques and Art

This big antique gallery in Florida offers free valuations on antique furniture, jewelry, Asian antiques, and entire estates. Although the appraisal service is free, the information you receive will be limited. However, because this company also buys antiquities, consider the price with a grain of salt.


This free online community assists users in determining the worth of antiques. People can use the site to publish their antiques and ask specific questions about their history, provenance, and value. Because anybody can join and react to inquiries, the opinions may not be correct or up to date. However, this free online evaluation alternative is excellent if you only need a price range on a low-value item. Although, higher-value objects will want extra expert input to determine their true worth.


The majority of antique appraisers begin their search on a site like WorthPoint. This website contains a database of over 540 million antique prices and thousands of professional articles. You can obtain access to this expert information by signing up for a free trial. Although it may take you longer to do your study utilizing this website, you will finish a thorough understanding of your antique and its value.

Mr. Expert

If you have an item that falls within Mr. Expert’s competence, you can get a free online appraisal from him. They will assess fine art, furniture, and the other 26 categories listed on their website. If the item is valuable, this company will also operate as a middleman, connecting you with the appropriate auction house or dealer to sell it for top pay.

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If you believe your antique is worth more than a couple thousand dollars, use Christie’s online valuation form to obtain a high-end auction estimate. Keep in mind that an auction estimate is not the same as the replacement value. Furthermore, the estimate is not a price guarantee. If you sell at auction, the object may sell for much more or less than the estimate.


This website offers free price guides and appraisals on a variety of antiques. They specialize in Meissen, Royal Vienna, Royal Worcester porcelain, and other beautiful antiques. Search their database for the item in issue, then email them for a free appraisal. Remember that this website also buys antiques, which may create a conflict of interest. The assessment could be based on a wholesale price rather than an appropriate market value.

Online Appraisal Cautions

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While you can get an estimate of what something is worth online, keep the following points in mind as you go through the process:

Certification- You should also be aware that most insurance companies will not insure an antique without a professional appraiser’s report.

Value- While you may value an antique at a specific figure, this does not always imply that you will be able to sell it for that amount. The worth of any item for sale is just what people are willing to pay for it at the time. If you only want an estimate of an item’s value for your personal needs, internet assessments are efficient and usually represent current values quite accurately.

Accuracy- Most specialists think that getting an Internet appraisal is rarely correct. There is so much information that the appraiser won’t perceive without physically inspecting the item. You won’t be able to tell if the appraiser is an expert in his profession.

How to Select the Best Online Appraisal Services

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When looking for an appraiser for your possessions, there are a few things to look for:

Easy to Use: If you receive an evaluation online, a confused or out-of-date website will only make things more difficult. Look for well-designed online tools to assist you in securely submitting the details of your item.

Transparent Pricing: Don’t register for a service unless you know exactly how much it will cost. Some online appraisal firms will tell you exactly how much it will cost, while others may require you to speak with a professional to price the review.

Industry Reputation: Make certain that the organization appraising your stuff has a track record of delivering excellent service and evaluating items similar to yours. A corporation with positive media references or auction houses with centuries of expertise is a plus.


Online appraisals may appear to be a scam. Still, many legitimate businesses can provide you with real-world valuations to assist you in understanding what your furniture is worth. If you want a simple price valuation to determine what your products would sell for, employing a free appraisal service will help you receive a reasonably realistic market price.


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