How to go from crowded to minimalist without losing your favourite items

It can be harder than anticipated to adopt a minimalistic approach to life. However, it’s important to remember that the fundamentals of minimalism are to let go of, desiring and owning stuff that you may think to determine your worth – life is not about owning the latest designer handbag or flashing a Rolex watch.

Whilst it can be tempting to want to determine our worth based off just a little, or even how much we own, do not allow this to happen. Maintain your boundaries and never lose who you are in pursuit of a materialistic lifestyle. That being said, going from crowded to minimalist doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your favourite things. 

Taking the first step

One of the biggest steps you can take when you first start to transform from hoarder to minimalist is to say no to buying new things, particularly items that aren’t considered necessities. Rather than hoarding; focus on decluttering and minimising. Get rid of everything you don’t need and be ruthless in doing so. 

Reconsider your wardrobe

The wardrobe is often a good place to start. Take everything out of your wardrobe and make three separate piles; things to sell, things to take to charity and items to completely bin. Anything that you haven’t worn in the last year should go straight into one of the three piles. Slowly work your way through each item in your wardrobe, and ask yourself whether you need it. Anything that you keep should be placed into its allocated section in your wardrobe, e.g. a section for workwear, a section for party outfits, winter clothing etc. Plus, less choice means that you will spend less time thinking about what to wear!

Maximise your living space

Of course, there are some items we just can’t bear to part with – the teacup you picked up during your backpacking year around Asia, your childhood teddy, the signed school shirt you have from your last day. Unfortunately, minimalist living has no room for such items. However, putting them into storage can make for a great compromise. It also gifts you the chance to get clever with the way you store those indispensable belongings. Utilise the extra space in your house, whether it be your garage, your loft, the spare room – there’s bound to be a home within your home for those sentimental goods. Instaloft can help you make the most of that extra space.

Benefits of minimalism

Taking a minimalist approach can make for better health and greater clarity of mind – we may not think of material possessions being directly linked to our emotional and mental health, but the connection is certainly there. The extra space can gift you more freedom, less stress and increased self-confidence. You may even be able to sell some of the items you part with, meaning extra money in your pocket. Moreover, if you say no to needless purchases more often, you’ll save a heap of cash in the long run. The benefits of minimalism really are endless.


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