How to hide cable cords in your house

Many people have a big problem with cable cords in their houses and no one knows how to solve this problem. But the resolution is really simple and you need just a bit of imagination to hide the excess cables of your devices.

The first and simplest recommendation: remove all unnecessary devices  

Of course the fewer devices you will place, the fewer of wires will be in your room. That’s why first of all you’ve got to ask yourself: do I need this device? If no, don’t hesitate to remove it or to sell it. Moreover, if one device can replace all functions of other. For example, you can use your laptop instead of DVD or monitor in place of TV.

Use Wi-Fi routers and other wireless devices for reduce the number of cables

Today we are already living in era of wireless devices. It is becoming more and more numerous and perfect, so, you don’t have to resist this evolution. Install Wi-Fi routers instead of wired connection and use wireless HDMI. If you are interested, you can read this review about different types of wireless HDMI systems and be aware of all its strengths and weaknesses.

But some people think that wireless devices can be dangerous for the health because of their waves. At this moment these issues have not yet been well investigated, so, now it is impossible to do a clear conclusion of this question. Anyway, you can combine different types of connection in your house.

Hide residuary cables

It is not very difficult if you apply a few tricks. For example, you can use cable covers. Hollow or flexible covers are ideal for hiding cables, and are fitted onto a carrier strip mounted on the wall. Very simple idea which does not require a lot of expenses.

If you won’t buy a new cable cover, you can mask your cables using different designer techniques. Make a decorative fence along the wall instead of cable covers. But ok, it is not always easy to make this construction. If the parameters of your room do not allow to make a decorative fence, you can attach the cable to the wall and decorate it with beautiful clips, like this:

Or with wooden clips along the wall for the long cables:


Replace your landline phone by mobile phone

Well, oddly enough, there are still people who use landline phones in their houses. Maybe someone consider it comfortably, but really it makes more harm than good. It will be better, if you use mobile or cordless telephones.


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