How to Include Antique Pieces in Your Modern Family Home

If you’re ready to change the décor in your home, what are the options open to you? There are two main routes you can go down, and the one you choose will depend almost entirely on your personal taste; you can either go very modern (even futuristic) or you can go back to the past and think vintage. 

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Although modern might be fun, the biggest issue with choosing this option is that one day it will no longer be modern; it will be entirely out of date. If you go with the vintage idea, you’ll find that it will always be in style. If antiques are your choice, how can you include them in your modern family home in the right way? Read on to find out. 

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Use Antique Timepieces 

You don’t have to change absolutely everything about your home when you are changing the interior décor – at least, not all at once. If you’re thinking that you want to switch from everyday to retro or vintage, a good place to start is with the addition of timepieces. 

In the past, being able to tell the time marked you out as upper class; the peasants would use the sun and the stars, whereas the nobility would have clocks and be much more precise. Today things are very different and everyone knows the time, mainly because it’s so easy to find it on computer screens and cell phones. 

That’s why having antique clocks on your walls is a fun, different way to begin the changes you need to make if you want to have a more vintage-looking home. Clocks are no longer a priority, but you can find some beautiful old versions and they will look striking on your wall as a statement piece if nothing else. 

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Buy Comfortable Antique Furniture 

Your furniture needs to look good and it needs to be comfortable, and finding something that can fulfil both functions isn’t always easy. This is perhaps especially true if you are searching for antique furniture to add to your home – a couch that looks beautiful might be a terrible place to relax on to watch TV or play games at or read a book, for example. Or a dining set that feels wonderful to sit at might not fit with your theme once you get up close to it. 

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This is why the best thing you can do is to go to a store rather than buying your antique furniture and décor online. If you buy on the internet you might have more choice, but you won’t know how the furniture feels or what it really looks like. At a store, you can try the furniture out, check its measurements, and really have a good look at it, ensuring that it’s what you want. 

Speak to Friends and Family 

Another way to find some beautiful antique and vintage items is to speak to your friends and family. They might have items they no longer want or need that they can pass on to you – they might even have been given them by older family and friends themselves. 

If these items would otherwise have been wasted, perhaps even been sent to landfill, you cannot only save them, but you can make your home look amazing at the same time. 


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