How to Increase Natural Light in Your Rental Apartment

Letting in more natural light in your rooms will help you be more upbeat and productive. It also will complement the interior design of your rental, making it warmer and brighter.

Follow along if you want a more cheerful and well-lit rental. This article will give you some tips on increasing natural light in your rental property and achieving such an atmosphere with ease.

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Keep the windows clean and open

A window is often the only source of natural light in a room. To maximise the amount of natural light your room is getting, you should ensure that your windows are well maintained.

Sunlight will have a harder time entering your room if your windows are dirty, for example. 

Unfortunately, life happens, fills up your schedule and window cleaning can get pushed back on your to-do list.

This is why hiring professional cleaning services to clean your windows is recommended. Once your windows are shiny, they will not hinder any of the natural light getting into your apartment, but there is more that you need to consider.

Even if the windows at your rental put the rest of the neighbourhood to shame regarding cleanness, it won’t do you any good if they are clutter-riddled. To get the most out of your window’s potential to let lots of natural light in, you should open them up.

Books, furniture, plants, TVs and other items around your window can easily hinder the light from entering your rental. Give your windows some breathing room, remove any clutter, and spread your items around other corners of the room.

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Opt for curtains in light colours

Consider curtains which come in lighter and brighter colours. Dark colours tend to absorb the natural light and darken the room.

You want more natural light, so going for something like pale yellow, classic white, light grey, light green and pale blue will help you maximise the flow of natural light into your room.

Furthermore, you must also consider the amount of material used for your curtains and their type. Less and lighter material will be able to let in more natural light.

This will still allow for some level of privacy, even with your curtains partially and completely dropped, since natural light will easily make it through less dense material.

Sheer curtains are the best choice for allowing more natural light into your room. They are always made out of very light fabrics and are translucent. They allow lots of natural light into your room and enhance it by spreading it and creating a faint glow.

Place mirrors strategically

Reflective surfaces are natural lights’ best friends, so adding mirrors to your rental property is another simple way of increasing its effect. The larger a mirror is, the more light it will reflect. That, or you could go for multiple smaller ones.

Apart from having mirrors, you should consider their placement in the room. The best place for your mirrors to be is opposite your windows. This way, the mirrors will cast the light back across the room and light up the wall where the window is, which tends to stay darker.

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Avoid dark wall paint

If you’ve spent much time at your rental, your walls probably beg for a paint job. A great opportunity to make your room brighter, too.

Still, you should mind what colour of paint you choose for the paint job. Like curtains, dark paint will absorb natural light and darken your room.

Instead, to make the most out of natural light, you should choose colours similar to the ones suggested above. White, pale yellows, pale blues, light greys and light greens are all great choices. This will expand any room at your rental property and make it feel more cheerful.

Utilise painting techniques that will bolster natural light coming into your rental room. Adding a gloss finish to the accent of your rental room’s design is a great way to increase natural light perception.

Moulding, doors and furniture are fantastic candidates for a glossy finish that will bolster natural light coming in. You could also go for paint with a reflective finish to create a brighter glowy atmosphere at your rental.

Also, you could use a lighter colour or shade for the ceiling than you do for your walls. A lighter colour on the ceiling will harness natural light and will reflect it, making the rest of the room feel much brighter.

Invest in multipurpose furniture

Multipurpose furniture is a fantastic solution for decluttering your rental space. More space in your rental means more natural light flowing in!

Desks with shelving and foldable sofa look very sophisticated and offer you more than one function that saves you tons of space that you would otherwise have to use for extra furniture. Multipurpose is a lifesaver when you need to open up a room.

Make sure to also apply a glossy finish to yours, so you can maximise the effects of more space and utilise the reflective powers of the gloss to increase the natural light in your rental room.

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Install glass doors

You must ask for your landlord’s permission for such an addition to avoid any damage claims at the end of your tenancy.

Glass doors will let natural light pass through them. Installing one that goes to the balcony or terrace will significantly increase the natural light flowing into your room.

A glass door as an entrance to your room will also brighten more remote and gloomy spaces of an apartment, like a hallway.

Use artificial light

While artificial light cannot replace natural light, it can aid it. If the rental property has a natural light deficit, you could strategically place some artificial lights in the darker corners of the room. You could use special “daylight” light bulbs to simulate natural light.

You could also use artificial lights to guide and bolster the direction of natural light in your room. Reflective and glossy surfaces also count towards artificial lights, so you should consider some of our previous points too.

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Perform regular property maintenance

Regular property maintenance can help increase natural light entering the rooms at your rental. Dirty, stained and dusty surfaces will reflect less natural light.

Unclean windows will let in far less light, too. That’s why calling quality end of tenancy cleaners is an affordable, time-saving solution to inviting natural light back into your rental.

Regular property maintenance and proper move-out cleaning will reduce the chances of disputes between you and your landlord.

Additionally, property repairs and maintenance done by property maintenance services is a recommended solution for your end of tenancy cleaning responsibilities.

Relying on cleaning services will ensure the job is well done and your security deposit released quickly, especially if you are unsure how to do end of tenancy cleaning yourself.


By following these tips, you will increase the natural light levels in your rental apartment, making it brighter and more cheerful. If you need help getting your rental in order, consider relying on professional cleaning services to make it a far brighter place.


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