How to install wooden flooring?


At present, one of the popular choices of flooring is wooden flooring; if you wonder why?

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Then let us explain, wooden flooring can increase the resale value of your home and not just that it is durable. Yes, wooden flooring can last for a lifetime. Besides that, wooden flooring can be used in almost every part of your home, starting from the living room to the kitchen. Do you know wooden flooring is water-resistant? Yes, it is, and due to this, you can easily use this flooring in the kitchen without any doubt or worries. 

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But one of the important things about wooden flooring is its installation. Do you know you can install this flooring by yourself? Yes, you can, and you don’t have to be an expert for that. However, if you want to know how you can install wooden flooring, then our blog post can be beneficial for you. In the below section, we have discussed in step by step how to install wooden flooring for your home.

Steps of installing wooden flooring

In this section, we have discussed the installation procedure step by step so that you can easily install the wooden flooring without any struggle.

Step 1: Choose the installation method

Choosing the right installation method is beneficial, especially if you are a beginner in this. You should know there are various installation methods available at the present time. Some installation methods require specific skills, whereas others can be done by a beginner. Thus before you decide to install wooden flooring, you must choose which installation method you will opt for.

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Step 2: Prepare the area of installation

Now when you have decided on the installation method, you have to prepare the area where you will install the wooden flooring. Remember to do one area at a time; for example: if you choose a living room, you should complete the preparation and then install the wooden flooring and then shift to another area; never prepare your whole house at once.

Step 3: Installation method

Now coming to the installation method, there are three basic types of installation-

  • Glue-down install method
    • If you have decided to install wooden flooring in the glue-down method, then all you need to do is-
    • Spread enough adhesive on the floor and on the wooden planks 
    • Place the first row of wooden flooring
    • Cut the last board of wood with the help of a saw.
    • Spread the glue again and place the second row of wooden floorings and cut out the extra. 
    • Repeat this process until you have covered the whole area.
  • Click-lock install method
    • It is a bit hard process of installing, but if you have chosen this process, then all you have to do is-
    • Cut the wooden planks into ½ inches 
    • Then put the first board and place the second board on top of it so that the ½ inches can join together.
    • After that, you do that; you have to nail down the joining points
    • Remember to do one row at a time
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The bottom line

Wooden flooring is one of the most popular choices of flooring among the masses, and one of the biggest reasons behind this popularity is its low maintenance cost. Once you install it, you don’t have to think about the maintenance. It does not even require any specific cleaning method. Hopefully, after reading our blog post, you will easily install wooden flooring.


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