How To Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

Different days, different occasions call for different ways to celebrate and extend greetings. On birthdays, people usually get cakes; on sick days, people get baskets of fruits; on many other events and occasions, or even on normal days, there isn’t any specific reason for one not to give flowers. Flowers are the go-to gifts of many to any and every occasion. Giving a single flower or a bouquet can be used to express many different feelings. One can give flowers to show love, affection, care, sympathy, apology, support, or just a kind gesture. You can visit a website like Flower Chix Calgary to learn different ways to keep flowers fresh. 


The act of giving flowers, Floriography, or the language of flowers has been around in different cultures across the globe. This tradition goes back to the Middle Ages. It gained even more popularity during the Victorian period. It was during this period when people gave flowers to express their unsaid feelings; it took great effort and attention to detail; the color, position, and the type of flower all had meaning. 

Many decades have passed, and the culture still lives. Others have the time to pick the flowers themselves and put them together. It is also a good thing that several flower shops online have emerged to help those who may not have an eye for design or decorating. Some even have a subscription scheme, wherein you can book important dates in advance and have them prepare and send flowers on your chosen day or days. 

Whether you are the one to give or to receive, it would always be best if you can make the life of the flowers longer. Receiving flowers already boosts one’s mood, what more if you can see the beautifully arranged flowers for more days? 

To help make your fresh-cut flowers live longer, you would need to take note of the following:

  • Vase 

This is where you’ll be putting your fresh blooms. One thing to remember about keeping your flowers live longer is to not crowd them. One bouquet does not equate to having just one vase. Depending on the size of your vase, try to only put a few stems inside your vase; this will let your flowers breathe, and eventually live longer.  

  • Garden shears

Cut or trim about one to two inches off of the end of each stem. When you do this, make sure to cut at an angle; the angle at the end makes it easier for the flower to sip water. Aside from the stem, prune extra leaves too. Make sure that there aren’t any leaves below the water line to avoid the growth of bacteria.       

  • Refrigerator

If possible, put your flowers inside the refrigerator every night, so they can be kept alive and fresh longer. If there is no more space in your refrigerator, just make sure that your buds are away from direct sunlight.  

  • Water

Change the water every few days. Only put room temperature water, and do change it while you re-trim the stems and prune the leaves. While you’re at it, clean the vase too.

  • Flower food

Flowers also need food for them to live longer. Most flower shops sell “flower food.” IT consists of sugar, cleansing agents, and acidifiers. These ingredients help fight bacteria, promote cell metabolism, and adjust the pH of water. Fully dissolve the flower food in the water before you place the flowers.     

  • Additives: vodka, soda, apple cider vinegar, sugar, coins, aspirin, and bleach

If you run out of flower food, try these alternatives:

  • Vodka

Alcohol acts as the antibacterial agent. Add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar in the water, and it will help slow the process of wilting.

  • Soda

Pour about ¼ cup of soda into the water in the vase; the sugar in the soda will help make the flowers last longer. Do note that clear sodas would work better as the dark-colored ones might stain your vases or will make the water murky looking. 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix ACE with sugar, two tablespoons each. The apple cider vinegar acidifies the water, and the sugar is for the flowers’ food or nutrients. Similar to the flower food, make sure that the two ingredients are well-mixed with the water before placing the flowers.

  • Coins

Add a coin or two, specifically copper ones, and a cube of sugar in the vase water. The copper acts as an acidifier, which will help fight bacteria growth in the water and on the flowers.

  • Aspirin

Aspirin is a usual pain-reliever, but aside from that, it also has other uses. Aspirin also lowers the pH level in the water; the lower the pH level, the faster water travels through the stem and be absorbed by the flower. Make sure that your crush the aspirin and mix it well with the water. 

  • Bleach   

Just like how they are used to clean tabletops or floors, the bleach will also help kill bacteria and stop them from further damaging your flowers. It is suggested to only add ¼ teaspoon of bleach per 1 liter of water. Make sure not to go overboard with the bleach as too much of it can kill your buds.    

Making the lives of flowers longer can be done with the usual items you can find at home. Not only will they make you feel happy on the day you receive them; when you make their lives longer, they can be used as decorations on your table or countertops, and instantly brighten up your mood. Call your local flower shop, have flowers delivered to you now, and beautify your home! 


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