How to Keep Up With Interior Trends Without Spending a Fortune  

Do you constantly look through interior design magazines or around friends’ houses, wishing you could keep your home looking so on trend as well?

Well, thankfully, this doesn’t have to mean changing your room as often as the seasons. Rather, all it takes is some careful consideration of the basic design of your room and the accessories you bring it to life with.

Here’s how you can make sure your home’s always one step ahead of the trend:

Having a Blank Canvas

Firstly, the best way to make sure your rooms are adaptable to the ever-changing interior design world is to have a neutral blank canvas. Neutral colour schemes are timeless, which means they’ll never grow old – but they will allow you to go crazy with colour elsewhere.

From your sofa to your walls and carpets, try to keep these understated and neutral so you can enhance them in other ways. Your sofa and other bits of furniture are the most costly to replace, so you need to make sure they’re going to stand the test of time without limiting your future decorating projects. So creams, whites, beiges and every colour in between are perfect for creating your blank canvas.

Getting Creative with Window Hangings

To instantly inject another layer and colour to your room, use your curtains or blinds to do this. These are constantly available in new designs and offer an affordable way for you to transform the room.

For example, roman blinds are the perfect way to introduce new patterns to your window, while creating a stylish feature. And they can even work with your existing curtains – which are neutral, of course!

Going All Out with Your Accessories


From bed linen to rugs and candles to picture frames, these finishing touches are how you transform your room from drab to fab. Use them to introduce on-trend colours to the space and create new textures and layers that finish the room off in style.

Throws and cushions are the perfect way to transform that neutral sofa, while rugs help add a focal point to the plain carpet or floorboards you originally installed.

Creating a Feature Wall

If the idea of having plain walls doesn’t interest you in the slightest, you can save money by having one feature wall. This wall, whether it’s the one where your bed or sofa is, changes with the times and brings together all of the new colours you’re introducing. And because there’s only one wall it saves you decorating the entire room, which, in turn, saves you lots of money.

As you can see, designer looks need not cost designer prices. Instead, all it takes is some clever planning and strategic accessories and your home will be able to change with the times – no matter how frequent these changes may be.



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