How to Keep Your Granite Worktops Looking Like New

Granite worktops make elegant additions to any bathroom, kitchen, and other areas in the house. Generally easy to maintain, Granite, being a natural stone, tends to stain, but these stains can be easily prevented and your worktops can look as good as new by following the simple steps mentioned below.


Granite is a sturdy natural stone that makes it ideal for use in the tougher environments in a home, like kitchens and bathrooms. Granite worktops are luxurious, resistant to heat and scratches and extremely hygienic, and uplift the style quotient of any home. If they are cared for properly, they are extremely durable as well.Granite-Worktops

Kitchens and bathrooms always have in the air excessive moisture and humidity, and worktops are also subject to pressure from heavy cooking vessels, hot utensils and cooking ingredients that are mostly acidic in nature and take their toll on the fittings and fixtures, even if they are of the best quality.

Granite worktops are the toughest out there, yet they need to be taken care of like any other material. Follow these simple tips for their care and maintenance to ensure the granite surfaces look as good as new:-

  • Granite surfaces are porous, so do not allow any spills to remain on the surface for too long, as they may be absorbed by the surface and end in discolouration. This is especially true for foods like beetroot, lemon juice, wine, etc.
  • Absorption of the spills into the granite surfaces can be minimized to a certain extent by sealing the surface with approved sealants that stain proof the granite surface and offer warranties for certain time periods too to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Avoid using abrasive sponges, scouring detergents of a highly alkaline nature, bleaches with a high content of chlorine, etc to clean the granite surface. Instead opt for clean warm water or a detergent that is PH neutral, and use soft clothes and chamois leather strips to dry the surface and ensure shiny finishes.
  • The worktop is not a chopping board and make sure you don’t use it like one! Although the knives won’t leave a mark on the granite, it is possible that the acid content of the foods and the extra sharp knives may cause scratches on the worktop.
  • Granite worktops require frequent resealing, and a simple test to check if the seal has eroded increasing the porosity of the surface is to place a small pool of water on the surface and observe if it leads to darkening of the surface.
  • Always use heat resistant mats and pan stands to place hot saucepans, they should not come in direct contact with the granite counter. Although granite is naturally heat resistant, excessive heat in a concentrated area will lead to damage of the granite.

Use these simple maintenance tips to take care of granite worktops and ensure they look as good as new for many years to come. For more recommendations on maintenance of every type of worktop from granite to carrara marble and many others supplied by MKW surfaces, visit and let us know in the comments below if you know any tricks to increase the longevity of your kitchen worktop.


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