How To Know If You Need Mold Damage Home Restoration Services

Owning a home comes with a fair set of problems and repair challenges.

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This becomes further complicated if the problem you’re dealing with is a mold infestation. If this happens, you’re only left with one option, and that’s getting water and mold damage home restoration services. The mold issue in your home is a huge challenge, as completely freeing your home from its infestation isn’t easy. In addition, you can’t smell or see mold, making it even harder to eradicate. 

So what should you do if you suspect your home might be infected with mold? Here’s an overview of some of the clearest signs of mold in your home. 

  1. Musty Smell 

If you notice a musty smell somewhere in your home, more so around the moist areas, this might be a sign of mold infestation. Detecting the mold is hard as they usually hide within small cracks and crevices. Therefore, you shouldn’t assume there isn’t mold just because they aren’t visible to your naked eye. 

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Once you sense the smell of mold, this is proof beyond reasonable doubt that your home is infested with mold. This is dangerous for someone suffering from respiratory problems as the dormant or dead mold spores can cause an adverse reaction putting their wellbeing at risk. 

  1. Visible Water Damage 

Seeing molds on the walls, especially on areas far from toilet fixtures, showers, and faucets is another sign your home is infested with mold. This usually happens due to damage to a pipe in your home. 

A water leak isn’t necessarily a sign of mold infestation. However, mold spores are very so it can be very hard to determine with your naked eyes their presence. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to repair the water damage to get rid of the mold in the area. Instead, mold remediation needs to be done to ensure the infected area isn’t contaminated anymore. 

  1. Discoloration

Many molds lead to the discoloration of the organic material they’re consuming, be it drywall paper or human food, if colonization is given adequate time. When this happens, the presence of molds will be visible, mostly in black. However, molds can show in other colors, too, including red, white, or brown. When growing at the back of colored wallpapers, mold appears in purple, pink, or orange colors. 

Contact a restoration professional right away if you notice your furniture fabric, wall, or carpeting changing color due to mold. This way, the issue gets fixed a lot sooner before it worsens and spreads to other areas of your home. 

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  1. Allergies  

Another sign that your home is infested with mold is when you and your loved ones start to experience several health issues. These symptoms are typically brought about due to an allergic reaction due to mold infestation. The most common symptoms include; 

  • Watery eyes
  • Cough 
  • Headaches 
  • Sore throats 
  • Sneezing 
  • Runny noses 
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Mold can also cause other severe complications such as; 

  • Reduced attention span
  • Dizziness 
  • Hard time concentrating
  • Memory loss 

If any of these symptoms manifest to anyone in your home, this is enough evidence that your home needs mold remediation.   


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