How to Know That Your Brand Is Outdated

It is an undeniable fact that every brand requires fresh branding after some time. We can consider it to be a natural cycle that occurs from time to time. The bigger and stronger your brand, the more important it becomes for your brand. But the bigger question that lies here is, how to know about the rebranding program? 

Do you have to get a new logo design? Is there a need to change all of the strategies? Would it be wise to change the approach we target the audience and so on? These are some important things that surface in the company when they understand the need for rebranding. 

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In this article, we have listed down a few important points that can help you in understanding the signs when your business needs rebranding. 

  1. Brand vision and name are not in sync

The first and the most obvious sign that none of us can ignore is suboptimal brand personality. This means a time when your brand’s name is simply not in sync with your brand’s vision. This can happen to even the big brands in the market. What seemed like an amazing name for 10 years might not make any sense to you now. 

Every brand inherits new things, be it technology or strategy. Doing so, sometimes changes the context of the brand. And changing things can start with simply getting your free logo maker to design a better logo for your brand.

  1. Handing out your website address or business card embarrasses you
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Often people feel embarrassed whenever they have to hand out their business card or have to tell their clients about their website. This is another sign that indicates that your brand needs an update. If you are embarrassed about your brand there are chances that the other people in your company are embarrassed too. In the business world, this is a huge drag for a brand because if you are not confident about it, how do you believe your client would not feel the same.

But this doesn’t mean your brand needs a complete revamp. Sit with the managers and strategists of your company and check the loop holes and try to fix them as soon as possible. 

  1. Your website is not responsive

In this digital world, everything has become online and people have brought their business online too. But then there is another catch in this. One needs to keep their website highly responsive to cope up with today’s business. Responsiveness here means not a single problem arises when someone comes to your website. They don’t have to zoom in, zoom out, or scroll much. 

To solve this problem you can simply whip out your mobile and then check if there is a problem or not. Get the problem solved so that your brand doesn’t look outdated. 

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  1. Your graphics are outdated

Even if you are having a website that is well-defined, you need to check the content you have updated on it. This not only includes the written content but even the videos, graphics and other things that are up and running on your website. You cannot tell people that you are a modern company with graphics that date back to the 90s. So, if required just make a few minor changes to upgrade and make your website compatible. And do not forget that custom logo design is also an integral part of it. 

  1. Your brand message is inconsistent

Another very important thing that you should be keeping in mind is that your brand-speak and remains in line with your brand. When a brand is created they have several rough ideas and they work constantly in line to groom the ideas and make it user-centric. This helps them to make their things better in terms of refinement. But in most cases, this becomes a complicated process, especially for brands who have a big basket. 

Your brand identity is highly regulated by what your brand message is and how you portrait it in front of your users. Work on making your message consistent and in sync with your brand.

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  1. Unable to stand out of the herd

Every brand loses a lot of customers when they fail to attract more people. This can happen when the brand is unable to stand out. If your competition is giving you the same challenge they are going to surely take over. In this case, your brand needs a do-over because it is outdated. 

Now, why is this important? Rebranding is done to stand out of the competition and bring the differentiation between you and the others. 

  1. Strategy or brand model is changed

If your brand is going off track in terms of the strategy and model, you need to do some rebranding. This is a common problem in many big businesses as well. The strategy and model of a brand gets changed after some time and this becomes a problem for the brand. Sometimes even the logo design mismatches the company’s model after 6-9 years. 

In such cases, the managers and heads of the departments should look for a solution and eliminate this problem for good. You can also connect with experts and know a better solution for this problem of yours. There are many consulting firms who give data centric results which can be better for you in the longer run. 

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  1. During an acquisition and merger

If your company is going to merge or acquire some other company, you need to think about a plan and rebrand your business. This has to be done even if the acquired company is of your nature. 


So, if you too feel that there is a need of rebranding your business from any point of view, even if it is a small brochure design, you can simply get going with it. Even a minor upgrade or change can bring a lot of positive or change to your business, revenue and other things. For any assistance in creative designs, you can connect with Designhill.


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