How to make a waterproof dog bed?

Are you looking for a wonderful homemade dog bed that will not cost you a fortune? Are looking for one that will also hold up against the most slobbery dog? Well, then you might be happy to know that there is a DIY waterproof dog bed for your dog that can help him sleep comfortably. 

Source: Gentle Dog Trainers

This DIY bed will also allow you to easily remove the cover to wash and reuse. 

The Reasons to have a DIY Waterproof Dog Bed

The main reason to have a waterproof or indestructible dog bed is to protect the foam and interior of the bed from water damage. If you have a simple dog bed then whenever your dog urinates or comes in from the rain, or lies sick in the bed then you will have to wash the entire bed. Yes, you will have to wash the foam, too. Now, that’s not so fun, right? This can be a great hassle to handle. 

Why Should You Make Your Own DIY Dog Bed?

If you have a dog that slobbers and is still getting trained, a waterproof dog bed is a must item. However, not every dog bed available on the market is waterproof.  Fortunately, if you found one then they become a pain to wash since you have to wash the entire bed. 

Let’s find out more about DIY Waterproof dog beds.

DIY Waterproof Dog Beds

This DIY dog bed will be made in two stages. 

The time duration for the creation of this DIY waterproof dog bed is roughly about 2 to 3 hours at maximum depending on how quickly you work. This project will help you make an adorable and affordable waterproof dog bed for your cute and wonderful dog. 

Stage 1: Preparation

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

  • Shower Curtain (But you can use any other waterproof fabric)
  • Foam Bed
  • Durable fabric for undercover
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Matching Color thread
  • Sewing Machine

Step 2: Clean the Dog Bed (Optional)

If you already have a dog bed and you want to use the foam of that very bed, before waterproofing your existing dog bed, make sure that the bed is thoroughly cleaned. To clean the bed foam and undercover cloth, wash the undercover cloth in the washing machine and wash the foam with your hands in the bath with some detergent. 

Wait for them to get dry before moving to the next stage. 

Stage 2: Cutting and Sewing

Step 1: Cut the Bed Foam

Cut the bed foam to be the same size as your dog crate. If you have a super jumbo-sized crate then start by cutting it in half and it should be just an inch or two short of filling the whole length of the dog crate. If your crate is smaller, then you should cut it to fit the crate precisely. The simplest and easiest way to cut the foam size is to lay it on top of the crate and cut the edges so you don’t have to measure again and again. 

Step 3: Cut the Fabric 

As we are using a shower curtain for the cover, spread the shower curtain out on the floor, design side down. Place the foam bed piece on top of one another with the bumpy side down. If you want to show a specific pattern or part of the shower curtain, place the foam bed piece on top of that. After that, wrap the curtain around the bed foam and cut off the excess fabric of the shower curtain. Do not forget to leave enough fabric on each side for overlap. Also, make sure that you cut off the area with the metal rings before starting the cutting. 

Step 4: Start Stichting

Now that you are done with the cutting of the foam and the cover, sew them together. Do not forget to add a zip so that you can easily remove the cover and wash them. 

Enjoy your own homemade waterproof dog bed! 


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