How to make your bedroom relaxing.

Once the day is over, all you want to do is slip away into a world of relaxation and peace. We all have our own ways of unwinding and our bedrooms are the ultimate safe haven we can enjoy while still in the comfort of our own homes. And, if you haven’t felt that sort of cosy luxury whilst in your bedroom, you are definitely missing out on something wonderful.

What you could try is…



Furniture, like a desk, you could add bookshelves or a small seating area (if you have the space) with a little coffee table and a minimum of two comfortable chairs. A bench at the end of the bed would be useful and comforting too.75


Change your bed linen as often as possible. This won’t only maintain hygiene of your bed, it also serves to meet your mood. If it’s cold outside and you want a warm cuddly feel when you step into your room, use woollen textured bed linen. A nice cable knit blanket should help you with this. Or, for the warm summer months, use some floral and brightly coloured bed sheets and pillow cases.

Look for a Comfortable Bed and Mattress

If you are furnishing a new bedroom, go for a bed that screams comfort and select a size that meets your needs and matches the character of the room. Your bed is where you will be spending most of your time so you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Get a mattress that is perfectly sized for the bed. It should not be too firm or soft. Instead your mattress should offer just the right support to your spine to make you feel relaxed each time you stretch out. 76

Add Some Lights

Keep the place well lit. While a light dimmer may come in handy, bedside lamps are also a must-have in every bedroom. They add a glow and make the room more inviting and welcoming. You could even hang a little chandelier in the centre of your room. Fairy lights splayed on the wall above your bed could be used for that dramatic effect. Place them behind a curtain, to avoid them looking like Christmas lights, unless that is your intention.

Try Something Vintage

Include things like an antique chest, bed, wall hangings or even an old wooden wardrobe to invoke a welcoming vintage effect. This look is great if you like that old-soul feeling. You could also add a collage of personal pictures on a wall that bring back happy memories, colourful paintings or anything else that is categorised as old time classics.

Add Textures to Feel

The feel of things can heighten your senses and bring on that relaxed feeling. So add things like velvet throw pillows, a fur rug at the foot of your bed, maybe some textured wallpaper or paint to give life and character to those plain walls of your room and a floor rug at the side of the bed, so that the moment your feet hit the ground, you feel that warm softness enveloping them.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clear up any mess or any untidiness. Stack up books and magazines neatly, make your bed before you leave the room and fold and put away your clothes. Get rid of excess furniture from the room.

You can do several things to make your bedroom relaxing. However, without a comfortable mattress and pillows, everything you try will fall flat. So first get the right mattress for your bedroom. In Melbourne, the best place for luxury mattresses at affordable prices is OzMattress.



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