How to maximise storage space in a small room

In any room of your house there will always be ways that you can maximise your space but when it comes to your bedroom it can seem like such a challenge. For starters, your bed can often cause problems as it is not the easiest obstacle to work around  – and therefore space ends up getting wasted.

Here are ten smart ways you can maximise your storage space in your bedroom.

  1.    Maximise underneath your bed

This is simply one of the smartest and easiest ways to add a whole area of storage to your room. If you don’t have any storage under your bed then you have several options:

  1. Make your own DIY storage solution
  2. Get some boxes, put them under your bed and add a bed skirt to hide them
  3. Buy a new bed – Divan Beds Centre have a great range of storage beds perfectly designed for those smaller bedrooms.

  1.    Minimise clutter

Go through your room and dispose of anything you no longer use or need – if you are a hoarder, you will need to be brutal.

  1.    Organise your drawers to your best advantage

Taking the time to store your clothes properly could give you more storage space instantly. Vacuum packing out of season clothes is a great way to give you more space. Don’t just throw everything in your drawers either, fold things up and organise your t-shirts vertically – this way you can fit more in and it’s easier to see your clothes too.

  1.    Purchase multifunctional furniture

This could include a bed with drawers or even a bookshelf. If you decide to buy a large piece of furniture, ensure it can hold multiple different things and that it doesn’t block valuable space or take up too much room on your floor.

  1.    Use other rooms in your home

Remember you have other rooms in your home. If you have a spare room that you don’t use as often as the others, store some things in there, or simply just try and space your items out across the whole house and not cram it all into one.

  1.    Utilise your walls

Get as many things removed from your floor as you possibly can. Wall-mounted storage will make your room look a lot bigger. Change your table lamp for a pendant and use shelves around the room.


  1.    Use vertical spaces

There may be plenty of up and down surfaces that never get utilised in your room – put them to good use. Get some slim wire baskets and line the back of your door. This is great for hidden storage and you can fit so much stuff on them.

  1.    Helpful add-ons

Look for single-storage items such as hair dryer or straighteners hooks. These can be put inside cupboards or on the side of a set of drawers or a bedside table.

  1.    Use the corners

Use the corners in your room. They often get neglected as people think there’s not much you can do but, you’d be surprised. Check out this article by Houzz on how to make better use of bedroom corners.


  1.    Light

Brightening up your room will make it look bigger, so get as much natural light in as possible.


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