How To Maximize The Space In Your Studio Apartment

How To Maximize The Space In Your Studio Apartment

Living in a big city can be as exciting as it is expensive. The enormous costs of finding an apartment in places like New York or Los Angeles make studio apartments a more affordable option for those that love an urban lifestyle. The problem is, although you will be able to live the big life that you crave, you will have to do it in a very small living space.

Staying organized or even adopting a minimalist lifestyle can have real advantages for anyone moving into their first studio apartment. With limited space comes limited storage. You will need to be creative to fit everything that makes up your daily life into your new smaller space. Think priorities; you will probably only have room for things that are more functional and less decorative. 

Whether you are living around Lincoln Center or getting ready to move into your new place in Atwater Village, by following some of these design tips you can maximize the space in your new studio apartment.

Ditch The Clutter

Small studio spaces have no room for clutter. It’s a good idea to go through a purging process before you move. Get rid of old clothes. Clear off your bookshelves and only bring along the books that you just can’t bear to part with. Limit your memorabilia items and get rid of bulky decor items that will take up a lot of space. 

Multi-Use Furnishings

You may have a very small amount of square footage to work with in a studio apartment so it’s important to get creative with your furniture and your layout design. Choose furniture items that serve more than one purpose. Choose a bed that has lots of underneath storage or opt for a Murphy bed that can be easily folded up right into a wall unit. 

Turn your dining room table into a functional desk for those that work from home. Take advantage of stylish furnishings like ottomans that can be used as footstools, extra seating, and storage for linens and blankets.

Natural Light

To make your space feel bigger and brighter you should take advantage of any natural light sources. Try to stay away from heavy draperies that can make your room seem smaller and cut out the sunshine. Try adding draperies made from light and airy fabrics that stretch from ceiling to floor to add some depth to your room. 

Neutral Palette

Rich colors can add a real statement to any room but, they can also bring the walls in. When you are limited for space you should stick to a natural palette of light and airy colors. It’s easy to create pops of color in your space by adding some colorful art, pillows, or a throw blanket. 


Mirrors are an innovative and stylish way to add dimension to any small space. Not only can they help to reflect the natural light inside your studio but they can help give the impression that your space is much larger than it is. Longer mirrors can make your room look wider, while tall thinner mirrors can help your ceilings look loftier.

Innovative Storage

Your studio apartment is not likely to come with a lot of extra closet space. So, you will have to take advantage of every surface and innovative storage idea to keep your studio organized. Invest in a solid bookcase that can hold all your favorite tomes, your photos, files and your entertainment devices. 

You can also take advantage of your wall and ceiling space by using them to help store your favorite items. Keep your kitchen cabinets tidy by hanging a pot rack from your ceiling or mount a bike hook to get your wheels up off the floor.

City living can be exciting with endless things to do and see. But, that doesn’t mean that the big city will mean big apartments. If you are planning to move into a studio apartment you can embrace the lifestyle by following some of our tips to maximize your space and create your own small and unique space. 


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