How to Pack for Climate Controlled Storage Units

At last, you have decided to invest in a climate-controlled storage facility. Congratulations. At least, you have a temporary space where you can store your possessions. You will have a humble time when it comes to moving houses. Even more, you have a solution for de-cluttering your house before selling it. But how do you pack for climate-controlled storage? Well, if this is your biggest challenge, keep reading. This article contains the tips you need to pack for your climate-controlled storage like a pro. Keep reading.

The Basics

Using climate-controlled storage facilities gives you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe. They protect your belongings against the effects of mold, extreme temperatures, and water. Thus, things like electronics equipment, furniture, photographs, and collectibles can highly benefit from climate-controlled storage facilities. You can also use climate-controlled facilities to store antiques and artworks. Invest in a Longview Climate Storage and store your valuables with confidence.


You can pack boxes onto smaller sixes and then tap them into climate-controlled storage. Since most boxes are uniformly sized, it’s easier to place them into climate-controlled boxes.  This makes it easier to maximize the available storage space. Also, it’s easier to organize your belongings into small boxes before storing them into these facilities.


Unlike boxes, bags are relatively less regular. However, they can be used to pack softer items that can absorb shocks. Things like clothes can be placed in bags before being stowed into storage units.

Caution: When using newspapers, avoid the inked ones. They can rub off onto your items. Thus, consider using unprinted newspapers.


Ensure that the containers are carefully marked. With careful markings, you will have an easier time when it comes to organizing and locating your items. Mark your bags clearly. Without marketing, you might end up mistaking the bags for rubbish. 

Quality Boxes

Ensure that the boxes you use are of high quality. Also, pack the bags or boxes completely. It will ensure that they don’t easily collapse—especially when stacked.


If to want to maximize your storage space, shelve it. With shelving, you maximize the space while reducing the stress on bags, boxes, and other items.


Every appliance should be cleaned and drained before storage. This is meant to avoid things like mold and dumbness.


When storing items, leave a small isle—it will help you navigate around when locating your items.

Heavy Paper

Consider choosing heavy paper. It does a better job than bubble wrap when it comes to wrapping items such as dishes, glasses, and other delicate items. Remember, bubble wraps are bulky and offer inferior protection than the paper itself.


Don’t pack clothes in lots of boxes. Consider reducing these boxes by stacking clothing and stocks into dressers. Also, remove trinkets such as perfumes from dressers. The content of these trinkets may end up ruining your clothes and even furniture.

The Bottom-Line

The above tips will help you pack for climate-controlled storage like a pro. These are the tips you need for easy packing. Use them and pack your valuables with confidence.


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