How to paint trims and doors: 5 Easy Tips to Follow

People mostly pay attention to their walls, ceiling, and windows when they are painting their home. No one pays much attention to trims and doors. But, if you want to add a magical beauty to your home, it is important to paint the trims and doors of your home with beautiful colors.

In this article, we will help you by prodigy adequate tips and tricks about how to paint trims and doors. If you are ready to give a magical and vibrant touch to your home, let’s get started!

Never fear color

If you have thought of adding a splash of color to your home, there’s no reason to think whether the color will look good or not. If you have already painted the walls of your home, choose a color that can complement the walls.

For example, if you have chosen the color of your wall to be vibrant blue, choose a complementary color like white to paint the trims and the doors.

When you are thinking about the kind of paint that can be used for doors and trips, always keep in mind to get a color that is glossier as compared to the color of your walls.

Prepare and paint

Painting different components of a home is not an easy task. But, if you have decided to take this challenge, make sure to prepare yourself. Preparation means collecting all tools and components that will help you in painting. Thus, collect brush, sand paper, foam roller, and all other components that you will need while painting. You can check a list of products needed for painting doors and trims at the Tool Geeks. The website also provides amazing tips and tricks for all kinds of renovations and home decoration.

Pay attention to details

It is very important to pay attention to details when you are painting trims and doors for the first time. Lots of corners and curves are found in these areas and thus, you have to pay attention to every little detail to get the perfect look. If the door and trim painting is a part of your renovation process, make sure to fill all kinds of cracks and holes on the doors and holes before you paint. In addition to this, it is also important to use primer before painting so that the colors can get soaked in a better way.

When you are painting doors, it is also important to clean hinges and other hardware parts of the doors like handles. Just a simple cleaning process of these parts can improve the look of your home.

First things first

Most people get confused whether they should paint the walls first or the trims forts. Well, in our opinion, it is advisable to paint the trims first. This way, you will get a hassle-free painting process. If you have decided to paint the trim first, it is advisable to tape the parts of the wall that touches the trims. This way, even if by mistake the paints are applied on the wall, you can easily remove the masking tape and get the perfect finish for your wall. Since trims are smaller parts of your home, it can be quite difficult to pay attention to very little detail while painting the trims.

Repeat the process

The only single rule that applies to painting any wooden surface is to paint it, and sand it. Thus, keep repeating the process until you get a satisfactory result. The more the number of repetition of this process, the better result you will achieve. But before you repaint the trims or doors again, try to wait for the earlier paint coating to dry off.


Although, you may need to feel this point to be important, accessorizing the parts of your doors can change the overall look and feel of your home. Keep in mind to go for hardware parts that can match the overall look of your home. If you are going for a renovation process, wait until the last day of the painting to get hardware that can match with your paint and look of your home.

We hope all these little tips will work in your favor and you will get the perfectly painted doors and trims. If you want more amazing ideas about door and trim painting, you can check out the website called the Tool Geeks to get amazing ideas. This platform comes up with the best DIYs, renovation, and decoration themes. Thus, anytime you feel like renovating or decorating your home, login to this website and check the details provided.

We have all these tips about doors and trim will give you a fruitful result. Let us know which of these ideas worked best for you.


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