How To Prepare Your Bedroom For The Summer Season

We always look forward to summer which is an amazing season since we are able to go outdoors and appreciate the sunlight and breathe in fresh air. As it approaches, most of the people toss and turn in their bed due to the heat and there’s an urge to redesign your bedroom to prepare against the season.

To make you able to bear  your bedroom during the hot season; you should prep your bedroom before summer begins. Here are some of the steps that can help you make your bedroom relaxing and summer-worthy:

Step 1: Clear Out Unnecessary Items

Summer always comes with a considerable amount of heat. It’s best to clear and declutter your bedroom from all unnecessary items that can contribute to the heat. Try getting rid of items such as old mattresses, rugs, carpets, heavy and thick curtains and other non-essential items lurking and taking space in your room.

Also, don’t forget that your bed is the important part of your bedroom; it needs proper attention as much as your overall bedroom, if you wish to make your bedroom more relaxing for the summer. Change your bed if necessary; for instance, you can change your bed if you feel it’s too thick or unfit for summer or to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Head on to to get professional advice about which bed is best for summer.

You will quickly notice how the air circulation improves when you declutter. Clearing out your room will allow space for fresh air to circulate freely without hindrance. It will also reduce the heat in your room for you to have a more enjoyable summer.

Step 2: Clean The Bedroom

The next step is to thoroughly clean your bedroom after clearing your bedroom space of all unnecessary items blocking airflow. There is dust piled up under those spots where you removed the unnecessary items in your bedroom. First, you need to sweep, mop, and disinfect all surfaces in your bedroom. This is to ensure that your room becomes dust-free.

Take note that there will also be dust on the curtain rods, under your study tables and even under your bed. All of these needs to be cleaned thoroughly to get you ready for summer.

Step 3: Use Light Colors in Your Bedroom

Winter usually requires color that promotes a warm feeling. On the contrary, summer requires less heat inclined and more breeze friendly colors. Use softer tones and cooler shades in your bedroom to create a cooler and relaxed ambiance and upgrade your bedroom to look aesthetically pleasing during summer.

Some of the colors you can use include cream, white, light grey, ivory, sea blue, turquoise, among others. These colors represent calmness, peace, and give a cooler to your bedroom. You can choose to just be plain, or you can opt for light-colored. You can also go for patterns, most preferably floral patterns, because it is aesthetically pleasing and adds personality to your bedroom.

As you infuse light colors for your bedroom, you should also invest in light-fabric bed linens, which are gentle on your skin during summer. Light colored materials are usually breathable that do not hold heat and easily allow air to pass through; so, they are perfect to use in the summer.

Step 4: Make Your Bedroom Smell Like Summer

Do you remember how the best summer you ever smelled like? It’s something like when it’s starting to get cold, when you can smell the burnt leaves of autumn. Summer has a distinct smell as well that can remind you of certain memories you want to relive.

Your bedroom won’t be complete without that sweet summer smell filling your room.

Sweet-smelling summer scents have a way of making you relax. So, you should try some if you want to increase the comfort of your bedroom this summer. Try using scented candles, air fresheners, or a diffuser to get that certain smell that reminds you of that one summer afternoon. This will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed all throughout the summer.

Step 5: Minimal Lighting

Summer tends to get so hot because the sun seems to be always up. You should avoid too much bright lighting fixtures to avoid inducing excessive heat in your bedroom. A simple pendant lighting fixture will do, accompanied by maybe, a bedside lamp if you don’t have any mood lights to get that subtle glow at night. This will ensure that the light in your room doesn’t heat up.

If possible, use more natural sunlight during the day to reduce or eliminate the heat generated by the light bulbs in your room. You can turn on your lights in the evening when it’s a bit cooler.


Preparing for summer doesn’t have to be challenging. You can prepare your bedroom for the summer by taking simple steps of decluttering, cleaning, repainting, redecorating, and reorganizing. Doing all these will help you get rid of unnecessary items that generate heat in your bedroom. This will also allow better air circulation in your bedroom to help you enjoy the cool breeze of summer.


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