How to Promote Your Instagram Account for Free with Hashtag Maker

Hashtags are the most effective free Instagram promotion method.

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They help customers find you and increase the account reach. Perhaps someone will object and say that hashtags have not worked for a long time. They work if you use hashtags that are targeted for your account/business. However, just because you are using hashtags does not mean that you are using them correctly.

If you use non-targeted hashtags to promote your account, then neither 10, nor 15, nor even the maximum 30 hashtags will give any results, except for non-targeted followers. Therefore, it’s time to learn how to choose the right hashtags on Instagram. Hashtags vary from niche to niche, from account to account, and it is possible to implement a whole strategy of finding the right hashtags.

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Hashtag Maker – Your Gateway to Relevant Hashtags

If you are tired of searching for relevant and trending hashtags for your social media posts, you are not alone. Marketing specialists and PR managers have to post on their business accounts every day, looking for new ways to make a maximum of the Instagram algorithms. Hashtags work well not only on Instagram. You may use them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even YouTube. 

An AI-based hashtag generator saves your time. Only in a few seconds powerful machine will analyze your photo, description, or link. You may select and generate hashtags by one of three categories (keyword, photo, URL).

To start searching for relevant hashtags, enter up to 5 keywords that describe your post, business, or account profile. Remember, the right tags may expand your organic engagement by 500%. It will be real people who will read your post, not robots! And you don’t spend a single dollar on promotion!

Benefits of AI-based online hashtag maker for social media:

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  • User-friendly interface and ease of use
  • Long-term result – hashtags bring new users for years
  • Up to 5 keywords  at the same time
  • Optimization for various locations
  • Multilingual support
  • Constantly updated database – only real-time and relevant tags
  • Fully-fledged analytics
  • Smart search – keyword is analyzed despite the location
  • Frequent, average, and rare hashtags

The service of online tags generation based on artificial intelligence has been designed for marketing pros but is now available to everyone. If you can’t think of any key phrases to describe your post, simply upload an image you are going to share. The system will find relevant tags itself. You only have to copy and paste them into your post. Hashtag maker is available in the browser for desktop users. If you are posting from your mobile device you can download an app for iOS or Android. 

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General Rules of Using Hashtags 

Hashtags are investments in future traffic and customers. Avoid using the same hashtags, be diverse. Thirty hashtags are the maximum that Instagram allows you to add to a post. Choose 30 hashtags for each post: 5 high-frequency, 10 mid-frequency, 10 low-frequency, and 5 geotags. 

Hashtags are a good way to attract customers if they are used correctly, and not mindlessly churning out. All that is now required of you is to apply all the knowledge gained in your Instagram account. Do not stop and constantly work on updating them to overtake your competitors.


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