How to Protect Home Alarm Systems From Hackers

Using modern technology can help protect your loved ones from intruders.

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Modern technology can also be used in order to prevent hackers from compromising your home alarm system. The demand for home security systems has only increased since the pandemic arrived in 2020.

Home alarms systems will protect both the interior and exterior of your home. Protect your loved ones and your most valuable assets from arson, theft, and vandalism by installing a state-of-the-art home alarm system.

Here, our focus will be on how you can protect your home alarm system from hackers.

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Most Common Types of Home Alarm Systems

Alarm monitoring systems will help protect your home from unwanted guests. There are many different systems to choose from, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

Electric current alarm systems will monitor windows, doors, and other points of entry. They serve as a basic monitoring resource, and are usually added to a home as it is being constructed.

A wired alarm system will send signals to a monitoring hub or centre. To do so, the system will use your landline connection in order to send the signals to the necessary authorities.

A wireless home alarm system is a security system that does not rely on wires in order to work. A series of sensors are affixed together via radio frequency transmitters, and a control panel is included in order to help facilitate the process for the owner.

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An unmonitored home alarm system will trigger an audible alarm when your system is tripped. However you, or someone in the vicinity of your home, will be responsible for calling the police in the event that the system is activated.

A monitored home alarm system will alert you in the event of a break-in, but will also contact the local police department as well. The surveillance centre will verify the source of the alarm being triggered. If the sensors were not triggered by a false alarm, such as a rodent, then they will alert the police immediately.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Home Alarm Systems

There are many factors to consider before deciding which alarm system to purchase. Energy management is key. The system should be eco-friendly and energy efficient. You should be able to activate and deactivate it with ease.

Certains systems can also be configured to turn, say, your sprinkler systems on and off. You may be able to adjust the temperature of different rooms, and even turn heaters and air conditioners on and off as needed.

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Some can even be programmed to turn lights on and off, as well as open and close blinds. A smart-based home alarm system will help save you time, effort, and money. The system should also be able to detect carbon monoxide, as this is an invisible and odourless gas that can quickly kill a family as they sleep at night.

The sensors should be pet-friendly. Pets can trigger false alarms, and can also accidentally electrocute or injure themselves around electrical systems, so a pet-friendly system is key if you own pets.

Remote maintenance will also add some much needed convenience to your life. Remote access allows you to check your home whenever and from wherever, and make any necessary changes to your system or your home’s settings if needed.

Key fobs and tags can also provide additional security protection options, and a panic button can help those that need immediate assistance if needed. For example, an elderly person who lives alone who has fallen can make great use of a panic button if they require immediate help.

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Ways to Protect Home Alarms From Hackers

Home alarms systems can be easily hacked if you ignore them. Choose a wired system, as wireless systems are more vulnerable to being hacked. Selecting a reliable security company will also provide additional safeguards that will protect your system from hackers.

A complicated router password should be chosen, as it will be easy to breach your system with a simple password. Notifications should also be turned on in the system settings, and you should check them on a routine basis as well.

You should also encrypt video streams for all of your surveillance cameras. Home alarm system providers offer different products and services, so research each company before making your final choice.

Taking the First Step

Installing a top-of-the-line home alarm system will provide comprehensive protection against hackers, thieves, and vandals. You can prevent threats that can cause great harm to your family and your belongings.

Alarm hacking is fairly common as criminals become more tech-savvy and sophisticated in their hacking techniques. A system that is hard to hack or dismantle will thus provide additional security for your home.


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