Our modern life is full of concerns about our personal future and the future of our society and environment. People are trying to find some deep concerns for them all their life because they constantly seek improvement.

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However, one person can’t change the world drastically, especially when we talk about such huge issues as pollution and climate safety. Therefore, the right thing to do is to take care of one’s own life and house.

The massive popularity of dab pen and wax vape pen has led to people vaping everywhere. As a result, great sick clouds of vapour made of various substances are not a rare thing to see. Some people even do vape at home.

In addition, quarantine has changed the lives of many of us. Great lockdowns and a variety of delivery options made people minimize them leaving their houses. Not speaking of going to the supermarket, some people have even refused to go out to smoke a cigarette.

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Speaking about protecting one’s home from smoke, there could be two main meanings.

Meaning 1. Avoiding Open Fire

Thanks to massive culture (movies, books, and music), many people love enjoying their winter evenings next to the fireplace. Some people even roast marshmallows next to it. The other category of people can’t live without candles. These people light them when they have lunch, dinner, or festive meals, when they are lying in the bath after a difficult working day, when they want to have a romantic evening with their partner, or when they want to tell a scary story to their children.

Generally speaking, many homeowners assume fireplaces, candles, and heaters are harmless enough. They usually exclude the chance of lack of control over fire and avoid keeping out of possible mischief. While no home is completely fireproof, it’s smart to have working smoke detectors in every bedroom and at least one outside the sleeping area. In addition, many homes have space heaters indoors, so check for limitations on their use and make sure to keep anything combustible away from them.

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It is also important to remember that smoking at home might be dangerous. Falling asleep with an unlighted cigarette might cause the deaths of many people, including you, your family, and your neighbors. Even an innocent flake of fire is a potential risk to your neighbors and your life and property. For example, some people created a fire by throwing the cigar butt out of the window. It happened because the wind brought the butt to their neighbors’ place, and it started burning.

Meaning 2. Avoiding Open Fire

All of us know that second-hand smoking and vaping are both hazardous to the health of any living creature. Exhaling clouds of vapour out of your desktop wax vaporizer or just small particles of smoke from a usual cigarette can become life-threatening for your family or pets. One might say that it is not a problem because they can use the vaporizer when the other family members are out of the room or flat and air the room after the activity. The question is if it works this way.

In fact, there also exists a third-hand vaping effect, which means that the smallest possible particles are sticking to various surfaces over your flat (floor, wallpapers, table, and other furniture). When your dog or cat licks the floor or just sniffs it, the pet inhales vapour, and the dangerous particles get into the body of your dog, cat, parrot, or other pet. Research has proved that dogs and cats of the owners who vape at hope tend to get cancer of the nasal cavity more often.

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The only way to avoid such an effect is to totally clean the room after each vaping session, which is hardly possible in reality. Just imagine after a few puffs of the best concentrate pen, you clean the floor, wash the windows and the doors, clean the wallpapers and the ceiling, wash your lounge furniture, wipe your hard furniture, clean the chandelier, and wash all the curtains, tablecloth, napkins, and the other stuff. This sounds not just ridiculous but definitely impossible.


It is better to avoid open fire in your flat if you have no special detectors to save your life in case of emergency. Never put the life of your family and neighbors by an irresponsible attitude towards snubbing out the cigarette butt, a candle, or whatever else. Avoid using your dab vape pen at home or bad-conditioned areas, especially near the places where children play and pets are walking.


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