How to Remodel Your Kitchen Floor Area

Floor space in the kitchen can give a special appearance when by rearranging kitchen remodeling, the space is planned and adapted to the interior design of our kitchen. The floor must be adapted to the lifestyle of people that are using the kitchen .It should be taken into account several criteria when choosing a kitchen remodeling floor area:

1. The kitchen’s owner must know from the very begining if he want or not an extension of the kitchen space. When there is a remodeling that involves placing objects on the floor must be taken into account that it would be an opportunity to think about what changes we want to make in future. It’s useful to think what lifestyle we have  because according to this we choose how to position appliances and bodies that are occupying floor space. Some owners want a bigger work area or larger dining area, and all these aspects shouldbe designed and planned for choosing the perfect floor space.

2. You can apply some methods of distribution of bodies in the kitchen and to gain space on the floor. Rearranging the triangle method: this method implies that on the final plan being positioned the most three commonly appliances used in kitchen  in the form of a triangle, for exemple  sink, refrigerator and cooking area where, in this way route to these areas is fairly easy.

3. Another method is to use the objects on the floor in the L-shape. For this method is recommended that refrigerator and sink to be on the same line and stove to be placed on the adjacent wall; it’s a method that many people adopts it for practical reasons. Being an object used for cooking, stove can be easily observed if it’s placed separately.

4. U-shaped distribution method is basically a method that separates the main objects each with a separate wall, this method can separate for exemple stove, sink and refrigerator space, leaving quick access to each of them.

5. Another method is I-shaped distribution, I mean all three main objectives in line. It’s a method that can be applied when you want the effective separation on one wall of the main appliances from the kitchen. It’s also a common method in modern design giving an interesting line for those who want a clear design.  For those who don’t have very much time, a tip would be to position the sink in a not very visible place because can give a touch of discomfort when fall dishes are unwashed.

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