How to Renovate Your Home on a Budget

Want to upgrade your home but feeling a bit hesitant rolling out the paintbrush (or other tools) due to the high costs of such renovations? Well, it is brilliant that you are evaluating your decisions and considering the expenses at stake. This shows you are a smart cookie! You will want to document and plan what of changes to make, what materials you will require, how long it will take and whether you will need to recruit additional expertise to incorporate the renovations. By organising yourself in advance, you will be able to not only manage your home renovation budget but will also be able to monitor where your precious pennies are being spent. This way you will be encouraged to remain within your fiscal scope and not be tempted to go beyond it.

Now that you have done your research and planning, let’s get ready on how you can give your beautiful property an uplift whilst not breaking the bank:

  • Paint it up

Nothing breathes new life into a home like a fresh coat of paint! Now if the purpose of your upgrade is to add value to your property as you wish to put it on the market, then try to stick to neutral, even shades to create an impression of space and light. The paint you choose should ideally cater to steamy, hot weather conditions. If it does not, then after the passage of time, mould or mildew could form. 

Want to know the best part of why painting is an awesome way to upgrade your home on a budget? It is super low cost as you can do it yourself! All you have to do is go out and buy the paint. Okay, you also need to roll up your sleeves and get cracking on the actual painting itself. Get the family or some friends involved and have a bit of fun!

  • Change your kitchen cabinets

Who does not desire their kitchen to have as much storage space as possible? Take a look at flat pack cabinets. Not only are these easy to assemble but are easy on the pocket as well. A lot of DIY chains near you should have the option of planning your project online via its website. Ideally, there should be a facility at the store that will allow you to book an appointment with their in-store interior decorator. What we recommend is to use a store that offers this service and will also help you take measurements at your home. It is possible that the DIY store may charge you an additional price for this- but will be worth the effort as it will make your life easier in implementing these renovations. 

  • Brighten up your front door

You can jazz up your home by giving your front door a new paint job. Make sure the paint is weather friendly and will protect the door from the forces of nature. If you are trying to show your house to prospective buyers, then it will be the first thing they see when entering your home and will create a positive first impression. Make sure the colour choice you go for is complimentary to the architectural style and tone of your home. Go the extra mile and insert a letterbox and a fancy door locker to complete the aesthetic. You can never go wrong by adding potted plants to your entrance to create a homely, welcoming feel. 

  • Refresh your cupboard facades

Yes, we are a big fan of painting your existing furniture as it transforms its appearance completely. How can you begin? Simple. Just start of this DIY project by detaching the door handles and knobs. Soak them in some soap and sugar so they glisten once all the grime and dirt is washed off. Take a fine sandpaper and rub down the wooden and painted cupboard doors. Depending on the nature of the surface, put a melamine or wood primer. Just a quick heads up mate – not every paint job may require a prime beforehand. So just take a look and review the instructions before you begin your work. Once this is done, you can go ahead and start your paint job. 

  • Put some mirrors

Sticking to your economic budget should be your priority. If stretching it does not allow you to purchase pretty chandeliers or skylights, no worries. Mirrors can serve the same purpose to beautify your home and optimise natural sun light trickling into it. Give this a try: take a decorative mirror and hang it in front of a window. What will this do? It will capture the light and bounce it around the living area. If you put a mirror next to the window, a similar light impact will occur. Magical, is it not?

If your area is a bit on the cosier side, add in some mirrors to create the illusion of a large vicinity. Placing a floor to ceiling mirror behind your sofa will create the impression that a whole room is present behind it. 

  • Change your bathroom sinks or taps

Okay, replacing the entire sink maybe just be a bit costlier than you may have originally planned- so perhaps just consider upgrading your taps. Stretch your budget as much as possible to invest in good quality taps as their endurance is longer. Cheaper taps may fade away in colour and require replacement faster. You can check out guides and videos online on how to replace taps if you are doing this for the first time. 
Showering your house with a bit of love will drastically increase its sales value on the real estate market. If that is not the reason behind your efforts, then shower your home with some love and put in some energy in leaving your decorative footprint behind. You never know how many years you are living there. You deserve to enjoy each and every day that you are there. Whilst you are in the process of upgrading your home, another thing you may want to think about is upgrading your home insurance. All these new changes deserve to be protected! Did your boiler cover just expire? No problem, take a look at Corgi Home Plan and get that. Best of luck in your project!


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