How to Repair Drain Pipe Under Slab

The bitter truth is that most people experience leaking pipe underneath the foundation during their lifetime. Well, it could be a sewer line or water. Repairing of such a problem is not a big deal, but on the other hand, locating and getting clear access is quite difficult. Once the area is located, you need to cut a chisel through the concrete in order to repair the problem (pipes).

Symptoms That Shows You Need A Drain Pipe Repair

There are a couple of signs that clearly show a pipe leak. The first one is the water on your floor or damp spots. Keep in mind that leaking of hot water may create warm areas on your floor. You can walk around your rooms barefooted to expose the exact location of the problem. The second sign or better say alert is that noisy rushing sound of water you can hear underneath your floor. Finally, your water bill will be significantly higher since a leaking run continuously, so this is one of the most obvious signs.

What Are The Elusive Leaks?

Some leaks are really difficult to locate. Therefore, it requires special equipment such as listening devices. Before the detection of the spot, we have to turn off the water and then pump the air through your lines in order to force out any remaining water. This allows BDS Drainage to hear the sound of escaping air. Once the exact spot of leaking is identified, the plumbers can see what’s the best way of repairing it. In some cases, it is more cost-effective to re-plumb the whole place under your house than wasting money on repairing old, dilapidated plumbing. This is the best solution when your home has old galvanized piping. So, repairing old pipes are usually expensive because it is quite difficult to find them and fix them.

Gaining Access

Once we locate the slab leak, it is necessary to access it in order to do to repair. This will require a jackhammer to break a hole into your floor/slab. You have to remove the floor to expose your concrete slab. Opening a slab makes a lot of mess because of dust, so it is desirable to move or cover any of your valuables/furniture beforehand. After plumbers cut the hole, they will remove dirt to make pipes visible.

Repairing Water Lines

Usually, plumbers use copper tubing. They have a strong resistance and are ideal for long-lasting use. To do this sort of repairing, you need to cut the damaged part of the pipe with the help of hacksaw and remove it. After that, you will use a new piece of tubing to pair up with copper couplings and soldered into the place.

The Takeaway

Drain pipe repairs require a professional plumber service because there are many different types of pipes and you probably do not know which one you have. Although this look at first glance as an easy task, certainly it is not. It takes the right equipment, vast knowledge, and experience to make the whole process safe and successful.


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