How to repair house windows?

Broken window repair service is very popular since the option of windows restoration instead of replacing them is easier and cheaper. A broken window can cause a lot of problems. First of all, it’s unsafe to leave glass broken because a crack affects the whole pane which can lead to glass falling and breaking. The second reason is a waste of money on heating up your house or apartment during a cold season. A professional cracked window repair service will help you to deal with the problem as soon as possible and bring back a nice look and safe condition of your window.

In our window repair company, we hire only professional, experienced and responsible technicians who deal with problems of any complexity. We have a big experience in glass repair home windows and pride ourselves to be the best on the market. In this article, we would like to talk more about the problem of broken windows and suggest some ideas on how we can assist you.

How Can Our Crack in Window Glass Repair Service Help You?

We have dealt with different windows and different problems. There are sliding, sash, casement and other types of windows that get broken and need immediate repair. Not all customers want to get rid of old windows and order new just because they really like the look of their old windows. For example, a lot of people live in old historic buildings and really like the look of original windows with nice wooden frames. It’s really a shame to replace such windows and install new plastic ones since they will change the whole interior design and atmosphere in general.

Nice casement windows get more difficult to operate, so the solution is cleaning and lubricating the gears in the operator or the moving metal parts. It’s possible to replace broken parts and make it open and close easily again. Sliding or gliding windows can also be repaired since the bottom part usually gets dirty and needs to be clean. Also, the problem with the sliding type of windows is a broken track. Owners of such windows must remember that every time they open and close such windows, they should do it smoothly and never hit them when closing or opening them.

What should you do if the problem is a broken glass? There is no such tool that can help us to perform broken glass window repair in your house once there is a crack or big hole. A cracked glass should be replaced, this is it. The crack should be covered until professionals arrive at your home and take off the broken glass. We would recommend you not to do it yourself since it’s dangerous and can cause serious injuries.

How to Replace Broken House Windows?

A baseball or tennis ball or even a bad storm with hail can do some serious damage to a glass window. The first thing that you will do in such case is cleaning up the broken glass and calling a company to order a new window and replace it with a new one. Of course, you wouldn’t like it to happen at all but it would be really bad if it happens in winter since your bill will significantly increase.

ARAX Windows and Door repair company is willing to safely replace a window in both a wood and vinyl frame and make you enjoy spending time at home again. Broken house window replacement service is not that expensive as you think. We understand how disappointing and inconvenient it gets when you can’t stop the rain, snow or strong wind come through the crack. This is why we are ready to visit your house, take off the damaged glass, take measurements, order a new glass and install a new glass as soon as possible.

Before our specialists arrive and help to fix a window, you should complete the following steps:

  • clean the crack from dust
  • apply a piece of tape but don’t press too hard, it can crack the glass even more
  • if there is a large crack or a hole in the glass, cover it with plastic sheeting and staple it to the frame
  • you can also use a special adhesive for glass and fill in cracks and small holes with it

These are quick solutions that don’t require much money and time. If the glass is broken completely, placing tape or filing in the hole with adhesive are useless. The only one solution is to cover the opening with a big plastic sheeting and staple it securely to a window frame. Sheeting will keep water and wind away from coming inside the room.

Broken House Windows and Other Issues

Now you know how ARAX Windows can help you to deal with a problem of a broken window. As we have already mentioned above, we also deal with such issues as sliding door fail, old and weak hinges, and rotten wood frames. We also make window seal repair and help our clients with energy savings. Sometimes, it only takes to invite specialists and let them detect some problems that you may not know about. We can suggest cheap and easy solutions and save you from spending money on new windows.

Call ARAX Windows now and ask us to fix a broken window for you as soon as possible. We can assure you that you will enjoy the high-end result.


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