How to script a promotional video

If you are an SMM specialist for a company that publishes video content to demonstrate the benefits, then you often have to write video scripts. For many specialists, especially beginners, this is quite difficult. Today we are ready to share with you the key principles of video scripting, help you avoid common mistakes and understand the issue at the level of a professional marketer. After reading this article, you no longer have to wait for a miracle and buy YouTube views after you publish a video.

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Let’s be honest: nobody likes to watch ads. This is not why people come to the Internet. In an era of information overload, the creative script is one of the main factors in attracting and retaining the viewer. But how to please the viewer, customer and production at the same time? It is important to get an answer to these questions, because otherwise you will not be able to interest the audience and you will have to buy views on YouTube so that at least someone knows about your company.

Not to tell, but to show

The cool scenario is still based on history. But when you write a script for a corporate video, you are writing not for the reader or even for the viewer, but for the designer (or for the operators in the case of filming). In fact, you are not creating an independent creative work, but a detailed technical task.

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In the head of the producer, art director and even the customer, not so much a story should form as a chain of visual images. And already their task is to embody the idea of ​​the screenwriter on the screen with the help of artistic and expressive means.

Adapt audio information

This advice directly stems from the first, but is devoted not to the visual, but to the sound component, more precisely to the work of the announcer.

Remember that it is one thing to read the text from the sheet on your own and it is quite another to perceive it by ear. A marketer or PR manager is more likely to work with printed text and rarely work with auditory information. Therefore, it is difficult to write a text that will be well received by the ears of the viewer.

You can start a press release with highly specialized terminology and long speech constructions. Sometimes it will even be nice to read from a piece of paper. But if you give such a long text without pauses to the speaker, then he will not be able to present this information in a quality manner.

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Don’t use too much complicated vocabulary

The desire to saturate the script with professional vocabulary, complex terms and heavy speech patterns will not make you more successful, but it will increase the risk of being unheard. Of course, you don’t have to talk to the viewer like a child. But save him from combinations of words like “nutritional status violation”, where you can say “a problem with the body due to malnutrition.”

For the same reasons, you shouldn’t overload the visuals. Yes, your product has many benefits. It happens that it is difficult to list all of them in a minute and a half. But then, choose the three most basic and most useful, and do not try to tell everything in one video.

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No one knows about a product or company as well as its creator. And no one will sell it as well as a marketer hired by the creator.

With this undoubtedly correct thought, some clients are doing creative work on their own. And even after learning how to write a video script, they often make almost all the possible mistakes mentioned above.

Trust the professionals and learn about video production technology.


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